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    FREE 80 Series rear seats

    Hi All, I have 3 (yes, 3!) back row seats, all available for free. Colour: Grey Condition: Good Location: London, Wimbledon Reason for sale: inherited them as part of a bundle, and have decided not to keep them as putting in drawers. Let me know if you're interested!
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    Correct belt sizes / names?

    hi All, Wonder if you guys can help me? One of the fanbelts on Truckasaurus blew a while back, so she's been sitting idle for a while. She's a '94 Diesel 12v - L68 WPN. I'm due to get her rust sorted out soon, so she needs to drive soon! I bought the fan belts from roughtrax4x4, but seems the...
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    Who is doing what maintenance today?

    Roof tent done. Only 7 bolts though
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    Offroad/Overland prepped 100 Series

    Thanks @Gav missin - Valley4x4?
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    1997 hdj 80 for sale

    Going to PM you
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    1997 hdj 80 for sale

    @froggy Steve is your truck (and trailer) still on the market?
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    Offroad/Overland prepped 100 Series

    @Dave_S can you send a link pls? Happy to look at a good 80 too!
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    Offroad/Overland prepped 100 Series

    Hi folks, I'm currently looking for something to drive while I do the restoration of my 80 (it's taking longer than I would like and I'm not going to miss out on taking my kids outdoors because of it). I could get an 80 (there are a few off-road builds knocking about), but would prefer a 100...
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    Parts availability for the Hundy??

    Hi Folks, What is the parts availability for the Hundy, and if it is plentiful, for how long? If one was to compare to the 80, where it’s harder and harder to get parts, does the Hundy have a longer availability still? Any hard data on this, like Toyota saying they will cease production at X...
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    Which 70 series can be imported into the UK?

    Thanks @Sabilco13
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    Which 70 series can be imported into the UK?

    Thank you @Snowbound
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    Which 70 series can be imported into the UK?

    Going to start here & follow rabbit hole:
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    Which 70 series can be imported into the UK?

    And does anyone know where the “rules” are?? As in, has anyone imported a car successfully by following the rules found in XYZ place…
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    Which 70 series can be imported into the UK?

    What about 4.2 diesels as above??
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    Who is doing what maintenance today?

    Hoping @AndycruiserguyLomas still has his seats…
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    Who is doing what maintenance today?

    They will bury me in my cruiser! No not breaking - restoring for family trips!
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    Who is doing what maintenance today?

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    Which 70 series can be imported into the UK?

    Hey folks, trying to do some thinking here - which 70 series CAN be imported into the UK without too many issues?? Thx Gareth
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    80 series VX interior.

    Hi Andy Going to DM you
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    Headliner from a 95 and up 80 series....

    Just putting it out there - does anyone have a headliner from a 95 and up 80 series lying about... ;-) I have a '94 and the headliner is fabric - looking to replace with the solid version found in the newer models. Anyone!?
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    Not Ebay but a great find on Etsy.

    Yes pls!!
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    My 2004 100 Series

    Indeed ;-) ** opens ebay…
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    My 2004 100 Series

    Nice Hundy!!
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    My 2004 100 Series

    @adrianr whats your power washing method? I got us a Karcher a while back to clean the patio tiles, and used it to do some car cleaning on our Touran last weekend which worked - am thinking i want to clean up underneath before getting the small hammer out for a rust check…
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    Truckasaurus - an 80 series living in London

    Yea the bench is sweet. Hopefully I’m going to build my rear boot on that! @karl2000 checked fuses so think good there. Today i was going to check the plugs, then work back towards the master switch with the multi meter. I was also getting no voltage to the door speaker when the radio was on…...
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    Truckasaurus - an 80 series living in London

    Todays work: Passenger door cards out to see what’s going on with window - no voltage to the plugs. Shed now has a kick ass old school workbench my Dad would be jealous of. Workbench is for building with my son and so i can work on truck stuff somewhere sensible, that’s not the kitchen.
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    Spring Pub Meet. 21 - 23 April

    Start new job tmrw. First week in Hamburg, 2nd in Manchester, 2 kids back to school in-between, so will miss this one. Promise to bring my bbq & AMAZING steak next time. And maybe drag @Ryan Thomson along so we can carry on talking about 37’s ;-)
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    Expedition Overland Nordic Series

    Coming from Africa it’s taken me a few trips to realise that my 29yr old triple locked Cruiser on stock size tyres is more than capable of pretty much most of Europe… and makes me wonder whether moving to Aus/US/back to ZA is really the only option to fully embrace this type of outdoor lifestyle.
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    80 Series Overland Build on YouTube

    Watching your Jackery video…
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    Getting Dinitrol off to check extent of rust damage

    Yes please. Muchos gracias! JP Classics will so it. But it’s a years wait… sooner would be better ;-)
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    Getting Dinitrol off to check extent of rust damage

    The irony is not lost @frank rabbets ;-) Thanks for tips folks - going to go after obvious places with Autoglym tar remover first then take it from there… Lots of lessons here…
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    (Sold) Oztent RV4 + side awning + sides + roof basket + 270 degree truck awning

    Sold to another land rover owner ;-)
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    Adventure overland 2023

    @GeekOKent as @Dave_S is saying - from what i can read above, a grassroots event would be better, and all that’s really needed for that is a willing farmer with a field and fondness for overland travel, and a large central tarp/tent for stories/chats. And a place for evening fires of course...
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    New member from London UK, BJ40.

    A BJ40 owner in London!
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    Hello from KZJ95 in south London.

    @Thegodian i’m in London too. Same ULEZ issue’s as you Where in London are you?
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    SOLD. Amazing value expedition 80 for sale

    @devonnick have you sold the truck yet?
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    Expedition Overland Nordic Series

    Adds to watch list…
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    Adventure overland 2023

    How many farmers with fields are there that support overlanding & exploration? Anyone know of any?
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    Adventure overland 2023

    @Dave_S what was it intended to be? And what is it becoming?
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    Windscreen removal & refitting

    resurrecting again: If we were going to take the headliner out because welding was needed along the top of the windscreen roof, would we need to remove the front dash to get the headliner out and then back in?