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    Water pump for BJ73 with VM 5 engine

    Hello all, I need to change the water pump for my VM66A (HR588 HTA) equipped cruiser and was wondering if anyone has some experience with this. If bought new from Megastore4x4 in Portugal, it'll cost me €350 just for the pump without the flange to attach the fan clutch or a gasket. I have...
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    Need engine manual for VM 2.5 TD 5 cylinder (HR 588 OHV)

    Hi, Do you want the 5 cylinder version?
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    Hello Everyone!

    Hi Adam, So your vehicle has the VM 5 cylinder engine (HR588 HTA)? I don't know what the HR 488 is but there is a more common 4 cylinder VM engine, the HR492HT, which was installed after the 5 cylinder one starting in 1990. Since 1990 was the transition year, if it's later, it's a 4 cylinder...
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    BJ73 build date question

    Hi, I've got an '88 BJ73 with the 5 cylinder VM and it is normally documented as having a 3B engine with VM trim. All Toyota websites which show the VM version 73s always have engine part numbers for 3B engines never the Italian VMs. The vehicle was supposed to have a 3B but to get around the...
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    BJ73 Restoration project

    It's looking amazing! I can't wait to see the engine back in.
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    New member

    Hi Marek, Welcome. Your LC looks fantastic, is that paint original? I've got a blue one with the VM5 as well. How does it run? Regards, Mike
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    Factory vs aftermarket decals

    Hello all, I've started to think about the exterior of my BJ73 and I know in the future I'd like to have it repainted in its original color. The one thing which I have reservations about is removing the factory decals. I want to keep the vehicle as original as possible but the original decals...
  8. 20230715_204617.jpg


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    Land Cruiser BJ 73

    Good to see you're making progress. You're in Portugal, right? Are you able to use Wallapop? I've seen doors on there recently and several junk yards that have BJ73 parts.
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    Land Cruiser BJ 73

    Hello, Most videos will do, I think this one has a 70 series Land Cruiser. Good luck and have fun!
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    Hi from Spain

    Hi Taka, I'll take a look around and see if I've got anything for the 4 cylinder. I've been collecting everything I can find for both VM engines (I've got the 5 cylinder). The VM4 was in other vehicles like the European diesel Land Rover. I'm currently visiting family in the States so I'll get...
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    Hi from Spain

    Hi Taka, Welcome to the forum! Which VM engine does it have, the 4 or 5 cylinder? I'm in the north of Spain and I'm slowly working on my own BJ73 2.5td. I'm not a mechanic but I've been learning as much as I can about the vehicle. Hope to hear more about your LC! Mike
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    Hello. New LC owner. 1990 HZJ73

    You said you wanted it stock but you could pick up a roll cage before you leave, I'm sure you could find one at a junk yard. Seat belts too. They also have them in European junk yards which could be shipped to the States.
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    Hello. New LC owner. 1990 HZJ73

    Awesome! It looks fantastic. Are you going to go off road with it, or use it around town?
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    Francisco from Portugal

    Welcome Francisco, Great looking Land Cruiser! How's the engine doing? I've got a 1988 Salvador Caetano BJ73 which I've been slowly working on. Looking forward to hearing more about your 73 and what your plans are for it. Regards, Mike
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    J70 Direção

    Did they wobble before the work on the bearings and damper was done? Check to make sure all the nuts and bolts are tight and still there.
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    Injectors for VM66A (HR 588 HTA) engine

    Hi yromero98, I couldn't find anything about the injectors, no information and no rebuild kit. In my research though, I found that the Alfa Romeo 6 (119) from the 1980s had a VM HR 588 engine like my Cruiser. I found new injectors on autodoc. com for that Alfa Romeo 6 that looked just like mine...
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    Injectors for VM66A (HR 588 HTA) engine

    Nice and crusty!
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    Injectors for VM66A (HR 588 HTA) engine

    Hi Tractionman, exactly!!! I don't mind honest opinions about my vehicle but if a professional is unwilling to take me seriously then they're not going to get my business. Luckily, I've found a great mechanic I can bounce ideas off of as I slowly go about fixing my truck. I try to do as much...
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    Injectors for VM66A (HR 588 HTA) engine

    Thanks yromero98, I've been keeping my eyes open for a used turbo because they're hard to come by for the VM 5 cylinder. I've got a K24 but on the 4 cylinder engines I believe it's a K16.
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    Injectors for VM66A (HR 588 HTA) engine

    Hi yromero98, At least for the 5 cyl. VM, it's got Bosch KBE58S4/4 injectors (155 BAR). I don't know much about mechanics, but I've been learning as I go from one rebuild to the next. Online, you can find new injectors but the pressures are different, 125 BAR or 160 BAR. I assume the part...
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    New member from North Texas

    Hi Mike, Do any of the lights come on? Does the engine turn at all? It looks brand new!
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    Injectors for VM66A (HR 588 HTA) engine

    SteveJB, Thanks for responding. I will definitely take your advice and seek out an expert since I'm learning as I go with my vehicle. The one thing I've noticed, though, is that there are a lot of opinionated professionals that can't seem to understand why I'm wanting to spend money fixing...
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    Injectors for VM66A (HR 588 HTA) engine

    Hello all, After barely passing the emissions test during inspection, I thought it's time to stop ignoring what needs to be done...injector work! Of course everything about the Italian VM 5 cylinder engine seems to be needlessly difficult due to a lack of information on this engine. I found...
  26. VM66A Wahler thermostat.JPG

    VM66A Wahler thermostat.JPG

  27. Land Rover Wahler thermostat.jpg

    Land Rover Wahler thermostat.jpg

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    Thermostat p/n bj73 with vm 5 cylinder

    *Update* I'm adding some info here for anyone else with a VM 5 cylinder BJ73. The thermostat is not the same as the one on the VM 4 cylinder, that would br too easy! The VM5 (VM66A) has its thermostat built into a housing which is three-bolted onto an end piece from the engine coolant...
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    Nicalandia 2021

    Hi Nicalandia, I don't know much about importing vehicles to the US but I imagine the rules for registering an older vehicle in a particular state would vary. I've seen several BJ73s being auctioned and registered in Florida but heard Californians not being able to register those older engines...
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    Thermostat p/n bj73 with vm 5 cylinder

    Thank you outdoordan, I looked up a thermostat for the 4 cylinder version and found this from the Spanish Land Cruiser 70 forum: Wahler 4158.80 D It opens at 80C although the VM engine booklet says 82C, I guess that's not a big difference to cause a problem. Thanks, Mike
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    Thermostat p/n bj73 with vm 5 cylinder

    Hi all, I know I'm being lazy by asking, but does anyone know a part number for the thermostat on a bj73 with a VM 5 cylinder engine (HR588 HTA or VM66A)? My thermostat is stuck open and I'd like to buy a new one before taking the old one out. I know it's supposed to open at 82C but that's...
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    BJ73 Restoration project

    Hi yromero98, I'm looking forward to seeing how your project goes. Have you done any similar projects before? and wallapop are two places I check often for parts for my 1988 bj73. There are various breaker yards on there which you can call up or message for specific parts...
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    Hi From Portugal

    Welcome yromero98! It'll be a great rig to restore. What shape is it in? Any rust? Is it a VM 4 cylinder?
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    BJ73 help and advice

    Thank you very much outdoordan, that helps tremendously! I'm in Spain and speak a bit so the manual is perfect. Cheers, Mike
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    BJ73 help and advice

    Thanks outdoordan, next year will be dedicated to getting the engine straight. I was able to download using the Range Rover vm4 link but the link related to the vm5 doesn't work (or at least not for me).
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    BJ73 help and advice

    Hi Outdoordan and anyone who can help, I've been slowly working on my 1988 bj73 with a vm 5 cylinder engine for over a year now: brakes, steering pump, fuel pump, all the rubbers in the suspension and soon, new bearings in the rear diff. All from watching YouTube videos! It's a daily driver...
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    Engine type, cooling System

    Hello, From the photo, it looks like you've got an Italian VM95A engine. Is it a BJ73 from Spain? You can call up or And ask them about the part you need. Depending on where you are, you could also look up used parts online from a...
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    Introduce myself

    Hi Priiske, Nice looking 70 series! What engine does it have, a 3B, a 1HZ? I bet it would be fun to go overlanding in 70 series, I use one as my daily driver and love it! Looking forward to some reports on the restoration, good luck! Mike
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    Hi every one...

    Hi Jorge, Welcome! It is a great place to share knowledge. What shape is your vehicle in? What are your plans for it? Regards, Mike
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    I'm new here as of 5-17-22

    Hi Rbreeden54, welcome to the forum. I don't actually have any suggestions for the restoration since I'm still learning to work on my own J7 Cruiser but you should definitely check the underside for rust since they salt the roads in Colorado. It's dry out there but if it was driven during the...
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    Getting to know the family

    Welcome Yusuf! '88 BJ73 with the fun VM5 engine!
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    HDJ80 and FJ40

    Cool! Are the portals loud on the highway? I've heard they can take some getting used to on long journeys on paved roads.
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    HDJ80 and FJ40

    Howdy! Welcome. The fj40 looks fantastic. How would you describe the driving experience between the two? Cheers
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    Neewbie from MI

    Hi KVA.36, Welcome and there is definitely a wealth of information here, just not from me. I recently bought an '88 LC fixer upper because I like old things in general. What are you looking to do with your LC? Off roading? Daily driving? A little bit of everything? Good luck in your hunt
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    BJ73 VM 5 cylinder fuel lift pump

    Hi Grimbo, With the original part number I was able to find the same Italian pump which is still manufactured for a tractor. I haven't found a VM specialist here in Spain yet, at least not in the north where I live.
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    removing door cards

    Howdy moggy1968, That's a fantastic trick! I needed to get at the window regulator on my '88 BJ73 and was having trouble getting the hand crank off, but luckily I found your post! It came right off. I love MacGyver methods!
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    BJ73 VM 5 cylinder fuel lift pump

    That's fantastic! Thanks outdoordan, it looks to be the exact same pump. I like to have multiple contingency plans ready before I begin any job just in case something goes off the rails because I don't enjoy having to find an alternate plan from a frustrated perspective. The pump itself seems...
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    BJ73 VM 5 cylinder fuel lift pump

    This is the the top of the pump, it seems to be branded BCO, but I'm not exactly sure.
  49. 20211230_162909~2.jpg


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    BJ73 VM 5 cylinder fuel lift pump

    Hello all, If there is anyone out there who knows a thing or two about the VM 5 cylinder engine, I would love to know which direction I should look to in order to find a part number for the mechanical diesel fuel lift pump for the VM 5 cyl engine (VM66A/HR 588 HTA) or an aftermarket replacement...