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    Aftermarket A/C / Factory install for 1986 Land cruiser?

    It should not be too hard to find a full kit from a FJ 60 that is getting parted out. You need to determine if the truck ever had AC and it was removed. Very few were sold with no AC...
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    Discussion on US parts availability

    Thought we should banter this about a bit.... In the US we have great access to new and aftermarket parts. Prices are generally OK. The VAST majority of mechanical and interior parts are for NA spec vehicles only. We get a bit of JDM stuff here but not much. If you have a petrol 40-200...
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    Whoo Hoo!

    Hi All, Thanks to Crispin I am officially a vendor! I truly appreciate the warm welcome from everyone! Short course: I have been doing Cruisers and Rovers for 25 years.....:angry-screaming: I lived in South America and drove my Series trucks all over hell and back. When I moved back to the...
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    Count Atlanta, GA USA in

    Thanks all! I am official a registered member and will start posting in vendor section this week.
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    Steering issue

    Hi This sounds like castor issue. The axle is rotated too far to the front causing the overall geometry to get wonky. Is it lifted? Could be worn knuckles letting the castor get out of whack. Camber could be off as well. Again; knuckles set this as do ft wheel bearings If driving and...
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    Wagon Gear - 80 Series Tailgate Lids

    Could not resist jumping in..... I know these products and have used/installed them a bit. Honestly, worth every penny. Small scale international shipping out of the US is a giant PITA. I understand that issue only too well. I also know the demand for these products is very high in the US. I...
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    Count Atlanta, GA USA in

    Now we are cooking...... Just need to pay the ££££££ :)
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    Count Atlanta, GA USA in

    I did reply yet
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    Count Atlanta, GA USA in

    So.....I am waiting to become official....anyone have any idea how to expedite this?
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    transfer case

    check the RS motor mount. when the motor surges it twists, if the mount is weak or torn it will cause the linkage to yank it out of 4wd. fix mount, adj linkage
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    I'm in west Kentucky.

    Yep, give us a call urban land cruisers in Atlanta
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    Count Atlanta, GA USA in

    Burton on Trent.....very nice spot. The wife and I plan to set up life full time there within 2 years or so. I plan to call my abode Fatman on Couch. Soon as I get a thumbs up..........
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    A different approach to 80 series front axle rebuilds. Really?

    Really nice write up. I have never even considered the feeler gauge method! We do a lot of axle rebuilds here. On 80 series 90%+ of the times we do it the shims that came out will be fine with the new trunion bearings providing 7-9 lbs of preload. If the truck has big tires I will fiddle the...
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    Count Atlanta, GA USA in

    I am a dealer for Nitro :) We will be VAT registered eventually but until that time I will absorb the VAT into the price. HMRC is pretty cheap on duty % for used parts but new stuff seems to float between 2% and 10% depending on the item. Of course the 20% VAT is painful! And BTW...this paying...
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    Count Atlanta, GA USA in

    Thanks guys. We have LOTS of parts! We ship weekly from the UK to the US all Defender junk (I know, don't get me started. I can talk for hours about US Defender owners) and now my shipper can offer me a weekly return service at a great rate. This will all be sea freight so we are not talking...
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    Hi Interested in becoming a vendor and cant figure rout how to message you! David form Urban...

    Hi Interested in becoming a vendor and cant figure rout how to message you! David form Urban Land Cruisers and Rovers here. My e mail is [email protected] Look forward to speaking with you David
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    Count Atlanta, GA USA in

    Hi All David here from Urban Land Cruisers in Atlanta, GA. I am a bit of a fanatic to say the least! I am excited to find a new forum that seems to have a "nice" feeling to it! I am in the UK quite often dealing with our Land Rover business and it is great to see so many Land Cruiser folks out...