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  1. brimac

    100 Series AHC Issues

    I have a diagnostic PDF. I short out pins on diagnostic plug on car.. Showing front left sensor.. and few other codes. No the up and down works some days not others. think better if I rip it out and put n standard shock's. No one in Ireland knows how to fix these Jeep's with ahc
  2. brimac

    100 Series AHC Issues

    Sensors are all in place albeit may be faulty
  3. brimac

    100 Series AHC Issues

    Have a 2004 LC100 Series, AHC doing my head in drove to UK last year and got new pump in Overland Cruisers and all was perfect until i pressed the suspension button few weeks ago all perfect, now its playing up with rear end down and front up, frustrating having this car and unable to drive...
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