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  1. J

    Newbie here

    Yes I did it in house,my was flat as a pancake, no boost below about 1800 plus, now after tweeks it boosts from 1000rpm, but always best to get revs up a bit so as not to load up the bottom end, although there bomb proof, they had a fat block plate/girdle to stiffen it up from factory,
  2. 2012-10-05 16.07.01.jpg

    2012-10-05 16.07.01.jpg

  3. 2012-10-05 16.06.49.jpg

    2012-10-05 16.06.49.jpg

  4. 2012-10-05 10.53.25.jpg

    2012-10-05 10.53.25.jpg

  5. 2012-10-04 17.46.26.jpg

    2012-10-04 17.46.26.jpg

  6. 2012-10-04 12.36.19.jpg

    2012-10-04 12.36.19.jpg

  7. 2012-10-04 12.41.50.jpg

    2012-10-04 12.41.50.jpg

  8. J

    Newbie here

    Hi Felix, I used a generic fleabay one, of a good size, I did have to move the grill forward because the cooler is fat, & swung the aircon condenser over to make room to route the pipes through, pip kit also off fleabay, deleted the egr system, & did the pump mods/tweeks, the Same as the Aussies...
  9. J

    Newbie here

    My baby, 1HD-FT, 5spd, Intercooled, & tweeked, works hard,
  10. Screenshot 2016-01-24 15.25.33.png

    Screenshot 2016-01-24 15.25.33.png

  11. 2012-12-23 10.07.09.jpg

    2012-12-23 10.07.09.jpg

  12. J

    Newbie here

    Hello All, Im John, From Essex UK. My baby, is a 1995/6, GS, 5spd 1HD-FT,, I had it about 15 yrs at a guess,