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  1. Gr8Yota

    Guess Who's [Almost] Back in Circulation?

    Don’t see why we can’t call a Smurf a LC….be nice to follow its story.
  2. Gr8Yota

    Original Toyota radio

    A friend just swapped out his. He’d be willing to sell it but doesn’t want to post. He’s Worcester direction. Send me a pm if interested with a contact and I’ll pass it on
  3. Gr8Yota

    Odd MOT argument today

    My interpretation of his thinking, or lack there of, is that on cars where the dash illumination is always on then there is a green “lights on” indicator, to remind dumb drivers they turned them on…for us folks with old tech, our dash only illuminates when we turn the lights on so that is the...
  4. Gr8Yota

    79 series work shop manual

    Some wiring diagrams are availble via PartSouq if you put in your chassis no. Otherwise try ebay Australia. There are some resources on the TOA Facebook page I can look for you, Where is the fault? Is it a VDJ?
  5. Gr8Yota

    Spring/ summer meet May 10-12 thetford.

    Sounds good. I was going to try and arrange camping next to the river nr Mildenhall but won’t pursue if this works. Sadly I now work weekends so can’t make it
  6. Gr8Yota

    New winch rope recommendations

    There are lots of synthetic ropes for sale on eBay but most will come out of China with no certification. Likewise I recall asking David Bowyer of Goodwinch for his certification and was told “he sometimes tied a length to the back of the Range Rover and couldn’t break it” !!! (Not sure how the...
  7. Gr8Yota

    Craddocks summer starter.

    I tried to set up a camping weekend last year, sadly the land owner messed around but I’m going to try again for this year. Site near Midlenhall Suffolk, big flat field next to the river and short walk along river path to the pub. Have to work around the hay crop but hopefully I can sort...
  8. Gr8Yota

    Overland Island 26-28th April

    Ye I know Ardingly well, cousins owned various properties there for many many years, so yes I know the many walks thanks.
  9. Gr8Yota

    Troopy - After market centre console ideas or builds?

    Front Runner Under Console Safe for Toyota Land Cruiser 76 - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]
  10. Gr8Yota

    Troopy - After market centre console ideas or builds?

    Most of the Aussies put a fridge in the space. Couple of offerings that are ‘made to measure’. If I had the space there I’d put a small safe hidden inside a console…
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  12. Gr8Yota

    Overland Island 26-28th April

    No it’s not the first event there. TT have done about four of these last year. I went to two, they are fun if you don’t mind the goings on of the VW crowd around you (Music, parties and plenty of Cannabis!) Totally informal gathering, good atmosphere and a separate area to the VWs but adjacent...
  13. Gr8Yota

    GRJ78 Troopy to Overland ready home

    Possibly. Z’s now too old to travel and I’ve not the funds and I might have alternative living so I might consider selling as it’s a bit wasted sat doing nothing much or being a ‘daily’ but we’ll see I can’t think what else I’d want to drive!
  14. Gr8Yota

    Well built Japanese things

    The houses are built on the same springs as the 80…or similar
  15. Gr8Yota

    Jacobs truck on e bay

    Just git sent the link. Didn’t expect to see that up for sale!
  16. Gr8Yota

    Front seats re upholster?

    If your budget is tight you can buy replacement foam base from Toyota which might or might not save some ££. Otherwise I’d consider just a very good pair of tailored covers such as Escape Gear. I had a go at rebuilding an 80 seat with some success with some leather I had and using the other...
  17. Gr8Yota

    Make the most of every day!!

    Your title says it all. A tale that sadly can be repeated by many of us about friends. Best wishes to Geoff.
  18. Gr8Yota

    GRJ78 Troopy to Overland ready home

    Bumper made by Pete Hazard (Haz-Fabs) Chicken - Parking sensor
  19. Gr8Yota

    GRJ78 Troopy to Overland ready home

    Finished rear bumper.
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  23. Gr8Yota

    dashboard reflections

    Or add a storage solution with a dash mat from 4x4 Assist South Africa. Custom made to whatever you want.
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  25. Gr8Yota

    Slow but steady progress on our Troopy Camper

    That looks amazing! love the colour. I didn’t realise Alu-Innovations left the roof unpainted on the black roof….if I had I’d have probably chosen that over white…but never mind I can wrap the edge when I get bored…. That looks too new to be allowed in the US on the 25yr rule?(your flag says...
  26. Gr8Yota

    Hello from Scotland

    Hello. show us pics of your Troopy and your travels please!
  27. Gr8Yota

    Diff and tie rod protector for kzj70

    A friend made all my stuff for me. The sliders were welded to the chassis if I recall right. No issues with anything on MoT/ insurance etc.
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  32. Gr8Yota

    GRJ78 Troopy to Overland ready home

    Popped back to Pete Hazard for the finish off on the bumper and he came up with a method of opening the swingaway with the door… awesome. (Yep not painted yet) Also added the receiver hitch and a top plate (so now I won’t drop everything down the gap!) Thanks Pete.
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  34. Gr8Yota

    Who's using what air-down tool for their tyres ?

    I have Staun deflators and also a set of the cheaper copies. I used Stauns a lot on my old 70. They work well and take up no space. Indeflate looks good but costly, keep meaning to see if I can make up something similar
  35. Gr8Yota

    ignition switched feed

    Sorry, I misread that you wanted an accessory live, but what I said would be the same for an ignition live. The accessory power outlet if you hae one has options for live, accessory and ignition. My DC-DC didn’t require me to connect in to any feed other than link it up to the start battery...
  36. Gr8Yota

    ignition switched feed

    Does the 90 not have the accessory power box in the engine bay? On my FJ I picked up an accessory feed from the fuse box on an ‘add a circuit’ ran it to a relay which then powered an aux fuse box from which I could then hook up accessories such as dash cam, usb chargers etc
  37. Gr8Yota

    GRJ78 Troopy to Overland ready home

    This one does all measurements
  38. Gr8Yota

    Troopy axles conversion

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  40. Gr8Yota

    Basic tools to buy for self servicing land cruiser.

    Got to thinking….having only recently been educated on JIS having owned Toyotas for 30years! The OE tool kits have a double ended screwdriver in them but I don’t think it’s JIS? (I have several) So they supply a screwdriver that isn’t for their screws…
  41. Gr8Yota

    Pan Americana 2022-2024 North to South

    Been following your adventures. Brings back memories of my trip back in 2004 but I only went as far down as AZ
  42. Gr8Yota

    GRJ78 Troopy to Overland ready home

    The closed roof has plenty of space for bedding. I have sleeping bags or duvet and a reindeer hide stored up there. If you have a search on YouTube Troopy Africa (I think) has a great video comparing the two roofs search Alu-cab-Alu-Innovations
  43. Gr8Yota

    GRJ78 Troopy to Overland ready home

    @CruiserScot: The two types, better value than the UK seller by far if you know anyone in Oz to post it. Rubber Wheel Arch Flare -Side Edge Fit 1x Metre 4x4 4WD Bus Truck mud guard | eBay - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club] Universal Rubber Wheel Arch Flexi flare 3m x 45mm for Toyota Hilux Land...
  44. Gr8Yota

    Troopy axles conversion

    The 80 Series is quite a bit wider than the 70’s not sure how much wider the axles are
  45. Gr8Yota

    GRJ78 Troopy to Overland ready home

    They are rubber trim from here: Rubber Flexi Wide Arch 40mm Wide Fender Flares Jimny Discovery 4x4 Offroader | eBay - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club] Same stuff is for sale in Australia by the metre for a fraction of the price but found it too late. It is screwed into the arch (holes drilled and...
  46. Gr8Yota

    GRJ78 Troopy to Overland ready home

    @Pachyderme80 The ply floor is bolted down through the main floor, it wouldn’t move anywhere but I did this for safety in the event of a rollover. Anything bolted down to it actually goes through and bolts either to steel rails or the main floor again for strength in the event of a roll. I...
  47. Gr8Yota

    Mud tyres for KZJ70

    I ran 255/ 85 but on 16” rims. Yes on an 8” rim you are limited current rims are 8” and I run 255’s again and that’s about as narrow as I can go.
  48. Gr8Yota

    Mud tyres for KZJ70

    The Toyo is a good tyre and good value. I ran my KZJ70 on a taller narrower tyre for all round use for much better performance off-road than the stock size, if you do a lot of off-road it may be worth a look if there is more choice in a different size.
  49. Gr8Yota

    Basic tools to buy for self servicing land cruiser.

    I guess about 8yrs as that’s how long I had my FJ. Used for tyre rotation every 5,000 miles so 8 times, plus a few other jobs like fitting sliders and bits, but nothing where it would have been under heavy load so didn’t expect a failure.