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  1. GerryTLC

    Updating Navigation Software??

    Curious too on how to update the old software like that. If no one chimes in, try a dealer.
  2. GerryTLC

    Help CDs stuck

    I've seen even the newer units still has that hole for manual release. Yours should have one, too!
  3. GerryTLC

    Help- windscreen washer not working - FIXED

    Good fix man. Mine is acting up lately, must needing a replacement soon.
  4. GerryTLC


    Welcome to the gang! That looks a nice buggy project and interesting to see the final result.
  5. GerryTLC

    Hi From a huge Cruiser fan in South Africa

    That's a fleet of of Land Cruisers, got some pics? Glad you joined us here.
  6. GerryTLC


    That must be a fun and interesting build. Enjoy
  7. GerryTLC

    My new 80

    That's a sweet first LC for your Same, congratulations! Looks on good set up to me.
  8. GerryTLC

    Newbie FJ40 owner

    That looks a neat FJ40 you got there, how many miles on her already? You are on the right place for knowledge. Enjoy
  9. GerryTLC

    Newbie from Western Europe!!

    You must have good driving habit aside from regular maintenance. Those sounds quality high mileage! Share some pics.
  10. GerryTLC

    Home built aluminium roof rack

    That's a sweet roof rack man, very well done. Neat finish with right materials for weight.
  11. GerryTLC

    Replacement Tyres for my 120

    Brother had great impression with Discoverer AT3, good traction and he felt wears like iron. At around 25k, his wifey got bit annoyed with road noise, so they changed to Terra Grappler. KO2 should be another good choice even for highway.
  12. GerryTLC

    Good or Bad habit

    Cruising downward with engine brake is way better than normal brake.
  13. GerryTLC

    Devon Laning Recce

    The last pic is the most rewarding view!
  14. GerryTLC

    Navarra/Aragon Spain trip 2016

    Subscribing to this wonderful expedition! Loving all the scenery.
  15. GerryTLC

    Back again!

    Congrats on new Cruiser Paul, love the new facelift of these new models.
  16. GerryTLC

    New to Forum

    What a beautiful ride Jean, congrats to you and your son. Such wonderful first vehicle, lucky son!
  17. GerryTLC

    New to site

    Good looking Cruiser you got there buddy. Can't wait to see the customized rack installed. How much does it weight?
  18. GerryTLC

    Hello from frejus

    Good to hear you are having great time, 120 should be very capable even when loaded.
  19. GerryTLC

    My 60th birthday trip 2019

    You still have enough to plan, this should be an exciting trip. Subscribing for info on that side of the world.
  20. GerryTLC

    Hello from Mid-Sussex

    You will get lots of good info around here. Looking forward with your projects.
  21. GerryTLC

    Hi from new 120 owner

    Congrats on your 120 Cruiser. Enjoy modding and the board.
  22. GerryTLC

    Hello from Cyprus !

    Welcome here, you will get lots of ideas for mods. Have fun
  23. GerryTLC

    Army Modular Tent- a good deal or not?

    Can't figure out the weight but by looking at it, it looks heavy and bulky. Gonna be good if you have plenty of room for it. Looks gonna takes more time too to build.
  24. GerryTLC

    Warning, Danger, Tyre Thread Alert

    Lots of guys here are very impressed with Coopers, they known to wear like Iron. BFG is another good choice.
  25. GerryTLC

    Wheel Size Resource

    Checked out that site couple of times. Lots of good info right there.
  26. GerryTLC

    North Carolina, USA

    Howdy pal, welcome to the gang. Lots of cool folks and helpful tips around.
  27. GerryTLC


    Good to have you here Bill, couple of cool cars must have passed on your way. Seen one good BJ73 last month on local meet up, beautiful ride.
  28. GerryTLC

    Hello from a new 80 owner

    Sounds a great find Mart, this should be a fun project. Welcome here!
  29. GerryTLC

    Hi from Doha - Qatar

    Should be a reliable ride for you there in Qatar roads and desert. Welcome
  30. GerryTLC


    Sounds fun ride for you there Gareth, welcome to the club. Looking forward seeing your trips
  31. GerryTLC

    How many miles on your 120?

    Met a buddy with his 2003 and 198k miles on the clock. Mentioned same issue with little noise but still works fine.
  32. GerryTLC

    Rear Tail light guards - 196 Land Cruiser

    Seen this tail light cover, not solid as metal on your sample:
  33. GerryTLC

    Fuel injector

    That makes sense on this values. Bigger value might means not very efficient air/fuel mixture.
  34. GerryTLC

    TLC80 Hants, long overland dreams - Newbie intro

    Welcome Bosworth, its great to see the UK members keep growing here.
  35. GerryTLC

    Hi from Altrincham, Cheshire, UK

    Howdy Shafiq, you got good leads already. Sounds a nice 1973 Cruiser, got link to it?
  36. GerryTLC

    Hi from Frostproof, Florida

    Howdy Pat, sounds a fun but challenging project you got there. Hope you find more leads here for parts.
  37. GerryTLC

    Another from a land down under.

    Nice find man, looks in pristine condition!
  38. GerryTLC

    New accommodation for "local" trips

    Sure a pretty nice tent with good space. Nice burning stove too!
  39. GerryTLC

    Thought I'd make my own adventure trailer...

    Your trailer Chris just keep looking better!
  40. GerryTLC

    4.7 v8

    Sounds a good deal on that one Al, congrats! Looking forward with the pics
  41. GerryTLC

    Tabernas Desert

    Wonderful trails and rock formation Rodger!
  42. GerryTLC

    Good afternoon

    Welcome to the club Mark, where about in UK?
  43. GerryTLC

    Hi folks, I'm Justin

    Nice shot man, and wonderful intro! Gonna check your future shares around, enjoy the board.
  44. GerryTLC


    Good to have you here Dune, welcome to the club! Looking forward with your pics
  45. GerryTLC

    Hello everyone!!!! From Brazil...the "redy" HDJ80s 1HD-T

    Good to have you here Marcus, great to hear how proud you are with your TLC.
  46. GerryTLC

    Hello from spain

    That is one awesome looking ride and looks pretty solid too! Hoping to see a ton of pics from your trip to Morocco
  47. GerryTLC

    hey all

    Welcome to the club buddy! Post up some pics of your LC.
  48. GerryTLC

    what lift,wheels ext..

    That LC really got a sweet stance!
  49. GerryTLC

    new jack

    Pretty cool idea, if being hydraulic operated this will be much useful like on recovery.
  50. GerryTLC

    New roof rack

    That looks quiet neat and sturdy, nice! Just an idea especially if you are putting some smaller stuffs up there, dad just installed this ARB rack with mesh flooring. Not hearing any noise or vibration, pretty solid. ARB Roof Racks