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    Dash scratching gremlins

    Yes, I'd go with Youtube again

    Dash scratching gremlins

    Don't think you can directly upload videos to the site. I stick them on Youtube and put a link on here, that works.

    Colorado rear strut housing repair

    Nice job

    Colorado rear strut housing repair

    When I was doing mine I spotted the tiny drain holes near the top shock mounting point, so tiny that there is no chance they would stay clear, I've added them to my long list of drain holes to poke out every year although it is probably too late now.

    Colorado rear strut housing repair this was my effort

    Colorado rear strut housing repair had to weld mine up last year in this area, didn't buy this part as the hemi-spherical bit the shock mounts on to was OK, I just repaired the flat areas around it

    High Peak Autos

    Matt from High Peak on Youtube has bought a Collie. Any bets on whether he's going to "massively overspend"? This is part one, he says there will be another video.

    Prado 95 transfer case issue

    You could try lifting all the wheels off the ground and have another go, this would at least eliminate transmission wind-up as the cause.

    A cheap landcruiser ? think he's referring to this one
  10. MODVRS

    How to fix broken window switch

    I found it best to get the Toyota part number and search with that. They seem to use the same switch on numerous different models like the Yaris/Auris/Hilux of the same era. Guess the two door 120s are less common so maybe more difficult to find, lots of two door Yaris' though. I scoured UK...
  11. MODVRS

    How to fix broken window switch

    My cheap Chinese one? Sure did.
  12. MODVRS

    wiper mechanisem

    Roughtrax sell the assembly, not replaced one but think it is only nuts and bolts
  13. MODVRS

    How to fix broken window switch

    Simplest option is just to buy a new switch unit. After putting up with one of the windows on my 90 not working for the last ten years I bit the bullet and bought a cheap Chinese copy off eBay for £25. OEM was £175 from Amayama and not in stock. There were hundreds of vendors all selling...
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  15. MODVRS

    90 Series Prado 4WD selector jammed

    Yes, just a heatshield, I have the same one on my V6. I tied some galvanised wire around mine in a few places ten years ago to stop it rattling and falling off. It's never moved since.
  16. MODVRS

    Hesitation on my V6 Collie

    When I had idling issues with mine it was down to a clogged up IAC valve (idle air control) and a bit of carbon build up around the throttle butterfly. If it's not been cleaned in a long time it might be worth popping the throttle body off and giving it a good clean. The IAC is on the bottom of...
  17. MODVRS

    Newcomers 98 Colorado rear light wiring loom and connectors

    I'm not sure about the connector in you photo. The wiring and plug on the left looks like Toyota original equipment but the wiring on the right looks like towbar electrics from the colours. My towbar electrics ran all the way up into the body to the light unit behind where the jack is mounted in...
  18. MODVRS

    Newcomers 98 Colorado rear light wiring loom and connectors

    The upper rear lights on the body only house the foglight on the right and the reversing light on the left as standard on UK supplied vehicles. The tail/stop/indicators are in the light units mounted in the bumper. Some people modify the upper lights by fitting new lamp holders and bulbs, many...
  19. MODVRS

    New 80-Series Owner On His Way to England

    Couldn't find the thread about a switch, the rear foglight could need a switch if there isn't one already installed that can be used (needs an indicator lamp on the dash as well to alert the driver that it is on). Emmisions can be a problem on any vehicle, let's just say that some MOT testers...
  20. MODVRS

    New 80-Series Owner On His Way to England

    I helped a friend get an MOT on her Corvette she brought over from Texas a few years ago. I changed the indicators as they must be amber front and rear (no red and no flashing brake lights allowed), I swapped the headlights for ones that dip to the left on low beam and added a rear fog light...
  21. MODVRS

    Oil/Fluid on driveshaft thingy.

    It's not a major job. An OEM (Toyota) seal is under £20 in the UK and readily available. I'm not an expert and haven't done the job myself (hope somebody else will coma along) but I think it involves undoing the four propshaft bolts, removing the big pinion nut and pulling the seal out...
  22. MODVRS

    Oil/Fluid on driveshaft thingy.

    Looks like the pinion oil seal is leaking. It's not normal and will need fixing.
  23. MODVRS

    Straw poll - is Partsouq or Amayama better/more reliable?

    I have made four or five purchases from Amayama over the last ten years. The goods arrived in about three weeks each time as promised whether from UAE or Japan. On one order of nearly £200 the stuff was retained by Royal Mail until I paid the import duty (about 15% I think) which was annoying...
  24. MODVRS

    Air-con question on a LC4 D4D 04/2006 Land Cruiser please ?

    By the way. I think you might belong in the 120 section rather than the 100, if you've got a model specific question it's best to be in the right place. I'm only a lowly 90 series owner so I may be wrong about the posher stuff though.
  25. MODVRS

    Air-con question on a LC4 D4D 04/2006 Land Cruiser please ?

    The condenser sits in front of the main cooling radiator (and pretty much looks the same too). It's in the line of fire so often gets damaged by flying debris or just rots away after 15 years from road salt etc. It's a really simple and common repair in most cases.
  26. MODVRS

    Air-con question on a LC4 D4D 04/2006 Land Cruiser please ?

    As an example my mobile guy replaced my receiver/dryer and did a service for £20 for the part and £50 for the service/fitting. Fitting a condenser is no more difficult once all the stuff around it is out of the way. If you need a mobile a/c engineer in Hampshire try Pete Sinclair of Cool Runners...
  27. MODVRS

    Air-con question on a LC4 D4D 04/2006 Land Cruiser please ?

    Autodoc list a Nissens (often an OEM fit on Toyota) condenser for £102 including VAT to fit an LC120D4D. If you did a lot of the dismantling a mobile A/C guy would probably charge about £100 to do the final bolting on and refilling. If you took it to Toyota it would be £1200 or more. I'm not...
  28. MODVRS

    90 series prado v6 engine replacement help

    This is for a 4-Runner but it's basically the same for a Colorado
  29. MODVRS

    Hi all,

    I'm currently lookiong at this job. The part number for the pipes is 87248-35030 (mine is petrol but I think diesel is the same although the hoses in the engine bay differ). Toyota GB don't have any and can't get them and they were £186.37 when they last stocked them. Amayama and Partsouq list...
  30. MODVRS

    How long have you had yours?

    It will be our ten year anniversary in a couple of weeks, I bought her as a stop gap vehicle while I was waiting for a new car delivery but liked her so much I cancelled the new car and kept Amy. Considering taking her out for twenty gallons of E5 to celebrate if I can afford it.
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  32. MODVRS

    Bulb Replacement & Fuel Gauge wiring

    Hi and welcome to the forum. Can't help on the fuel gauge but there is some useful bulb info from Jureb in this thread Have a search as the bulb issue comes up quite often.
  33. MODVRS

    Rust Repair - New Rear Cross Member, Body Chassis Mounts, painting, etc.

    Good job. Having spent the week under my 90 doing similar things I can appreciate the work that you've put in.
  34. MODVRS

    How often should you underseal

    The sills, chassis and axle turrets rotted from the inside out on mine so my advice would be to spend as much effort getting stuff inside these bits as coating the outside. Removing any lumps of rust and mud in there is a good idea. There are numerous drain holes in the sills, doors, shock...
  35. MODVRS

    My P light is out!

    I think the power for the P light comes from the inhibitor switch (sometimes called the park/neutral switch) so I would have a look at that
  36. Screenshot from 2023-08-01 11-45-23.jpg

    Screenshot from 2023-08-01 11-45-23.jpg

  37. Screenshot from 2023-08-01 11-46-07.jpg

    Screenshot from 2023-08-01 11-46-07.jpg

  38. Screenshot from 2023-08-01 11-47-37.jpg

    Screenshot from 2023-08-01 11-47-37.jpg

  39. MODVRS

    Hello & some help

    I'd put the extra lip through the chassis. While you're in the area it's worth clearing out the tiny drain holes in the top mount bowl on the chassis and clearing any accumulated dirt sitting up there; it's been known for the mounting area to rust through. The red line is where I think the...
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  41. MODVRS

    Hello & some help

    You've had a Land Cruiser for 26 years and only just joined! Must have been a trouble free journey. Anyway, welcome.
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  43. MODVRS

    Cruiser sales

    Head to the Classified section at the bottom of the main page
  44. MODVRS

    New here

    Welcome and good luck with the job. Be aware that the auto and manual gearbox cars have different transfer boxes.
  45. MODVRS

    Who is doing what maintenance today?

    This seems to be routine annual maintenance for me these days. Every year another patch. This one is at the inner NSR chassis rail by the top spring mounting point.
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  47. MODVRS

    Which ATF do you use?

  48. MODVRS

    Kzj90 transfer case issue

    Thanks for letting us know, very often we never hear a thing.
  49. MODVRS

    Kzj90 transfer case issue

    I'm no expert on this, you probably need Bob Murphy. Have a look at this thread where he refers to the shaft being pulled out too far Transfer box lever stuck, can't shift into low range. - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club] If it's not that have a look at some other threads of Bob's; he'll probably...
  50. MODVRS

    Audio upgrade?

    I bought a cheap set of speakers that somebody else on here recommended a few years ago (£20 per pair at the time). The old ones looked fine when I took them out; I had expected them to have rotted out and the new ones didn't sound any better despite having tweeters (the old ones were just...