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  1. Tommy345

    100 Series Plug-in Tuning Modules

    I bought a 2005 100 series that had a Tunit fitted, i have just replaced the Tunit with a Unichip and what a difference. The difference that the Unichip has made is almost unbelievable and it still has a higher power setting to go. I would defiantly recommend the Unichip.
  2. Tommy345

    Wonky springs - please advise!

    Have you got in touch with them since fitting this set to ask there advise?
  3. Tommy345

    Wonky springs - please advise!

    Which Dealer did you purchase the springs from??
  4. Tommy345

    AHC Conversion

    Speak to the guys at West Coast, they offer the Ironman suspension in many different spring rates with three different options on shocks. They also run 100 series as personal vehicles with the conversion done.
  5. Tommy345

    Rear storage pockets

    Speak to Rock N Road, they will make what you want to your requirements. The quality of the product is really top notch.
  6. Tommy345

    Summer sisters event

    Walters Arena in Glynneath
  7. Tommy345

    Cracking project (Next best thing)

    you name standard height and 37’s.
  8. Tommy345

    Cracking project (Next best thing)

    I currently run the Y60 Patrol and have owned a number of 80’s. Which one do I think is better????? Well depends what you want to do, the land cruiser interior wise is put together better but the patrol isn’t bad at all and I do find the seating position in the Patrol better. Engine wise I have...
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  10. Tommy345


    There’s a Land Cruiser specialities in Holland that has two, I believe one is for sale.
  11. Tommy345

    Bullet Proof (Literally)

    Importing one from Aus is the way to go if really wanting a 105.
  12. Tommy345

    Bullet Proof (Literally)

    Having built two FTE 105’s and knowing the company that have done the armoured conversion, in my opinion the best thing to do is buy the 105 of choice, then buy a 100 series and reshell the 105 chassis and axles with the 100 series engine, gearbox and body shell.
  13. Tommy345

    1 HZ Dilemmas

    Simple as that really, the more boost you run the more you increase the pressure in the intake manifold, the pressure from the intake manifold is piped in the the boost compensator. Essentially you can more accurately tune the pump to suit the turbo, as it is now you can only adjust the dash...
  14. Tommy345

    1 HZ Dilemmas

    Dose the top of the injection pump look like so?
  15. ED1B1F49-A422-4F05-A593-F212FBCADDEA.png


  16. Tommy345

    1 HZ Dilemmas

    Has the injection pump been fitted with the boost compensator?
  17. Tommy345

    1 HZ Dilemmas

    What brand EGT gauge are you running? Is the pyro pre or post turbo? What’s the highest temp you have seen on the gauge??
  18. Tommy345

    Steel bumper/bar wanted

    Ironman offer the same sort of style bumper and some others for I’d imagine less money.
  19. Tommy345

    Official Toyota Bullbar

    I helped unload all the bars off the truck at West Coast, think there was four to be sent out for 70’s that week. looks really good.
  20. Tommy345

    Turned to the dark side

    The beadlocks in the picture are 16x8.5 with an off set of -32, the ones I have in order are 17x8.5 with an offset of -32. They are a lovely wheel and also have a lip the bead of the tyre sits on to center it, they balance up bang on. 16 x 8.5 fitted to a friends 80. 17x8.5 that’s on order
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  23. Tommy345

    Turned to the dark side

    Well I made a start on the engine conversion over Christmas, I didn’t get as much as I would of liked done really, the main objectives were to remove the old 2.8, deal with and rust and give it a paint, it’s turned out ok, even found time to try on a set of Ali beadlocks I’ve had my eye on, once...
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  29. Tommy345

    Turned to the dark side

    Thanks, the wheel bas has been altered some what, it’s now a medium wheel base. It will be staying with the part time 4wd, the engines are really good set up correctly, they do get some bad press but you generally find they have been cowboy tuned.
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  31. Tommy345

    Lifting, suspension v body

    I would really think hard about fitting body lift kit, having had three 80’s all on 4” kits and 34” tyres, they do work so well. I suppose it depends on what it’s going to be used for also. I will admit I have a hatred for body lifts and a love for a good 80. Each to there own. The wait on a...
  32. Tommy345

    Lifting, suspension v body

    So what the price difference between the 3” lift kit and the 4” lift kit from superior?? I would guess not enough to make fitting a body lift worth while (in my opinion - for what that’s worth) I see a body lift as a last resort (again this is just my opinion) I don’t like the adjustment you...
  33. Tommy345

    Lifting, suspension v body

    @Shayne What height lift are you trying to achieve and what size tyre are you looking to run???
  34. Tommy345

    Turned to the dark side

    @Dave_S It’s on 37” BF-Goodrich, it suits them perfectly, I also find the 37” tyres suit what I want out of the vehicle. 35’s would of been slightly to small on the tracks in Portugal.
  35. Tommy345

    Turned to the dark side

    Well phase 2 started today, pulling the RD28 out to make way for the TD42T, I was lucky enough to get my hands on a factory turbo engine, they are very rare. I am going to be painting the engine bay while it’s out, witch is quite the job.
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  37. Tommy345

    Big bore Troll......

    @Jacob100 I believe it’s the same one that has been floating around Liverpool for some time, there’s the Patrol and a G-Wagon on Qatar plates.
  38. Tommy345

    Big bore Troll......

    @Jacob100 is it on Qatar plates by chance??
  39. Tommy345

    Turned to the dark side

    A little bit overdue, half of the project Is complete, the body work and some of the mods have been done winch bumper, rear bar, rock sliders, internal roll cage ect. Next on the list is the begin the engine conversion and paint.
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  44. Tommy345

    105. Shame it's a petrol (me like)

    Easy to convert to the 1HD-FTE, there’s already one in the UK and another being done.
  45. Tommy345

    Stolen Roof tent & Awning Reward

    There was two stolen in the local area on the same night, just unbolted the roof rack/bars and took everything.
  46. Tommy345


    As far as suspension set ups’s go on trailers, these seem to be the guys to talk to, it’s what patriot run on all there trailers,the hitch they offer is also (in my opinion) far superior to what we have in the UK.
  47. Tommy345

    EFS Suspension

    @Bat21 have you priced the Reigers? If so who did you get the quote from?
  48. Tommy345

    boosted 105

    Sorry can’t help you on the manifold, it’s one my brother purchased some time ago, I will see if he can help out. It went well, drove well did everything it needed to do, but it has been replaced by a Y60 Patrol.
  49. Tommy345

    Fender Arch Flares !

    Also available in the UK Via West Coast.
  50. Tommy345

    105 land cruiser - Project

    The good new is we have already put a plan together, so now we just need a 100 series for the engine, gearbox and electrics, then we can start on fitting it out.