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  1. Jon Wildsmith

    Where to buy 80 tow bar

    Must be lots of used ones at the various breakers. Not sure anyone still manufacturers new ones?
  2. Jon Wildsmith

    What is this part?

    Does look like the rear AC pipes to me. Definitely not fuel imo.
  3. Jon Wildsmith

    What is this part?

    Could it be the pipes to the rear aircon? Never seen where the original pipes were run because they've usually been replaced, but they're around that position. Possibly the thick looking pipe is a smaller pipe in a protective cover?
  4. Jon Wildsmith

    Milners or Pedders standard springs?

    My 80 has springs the PO had custom made but it was 15 years ago and he can't remember who he used. I'd be interested in the name of that company in Sheffield Towpack, because the rears might need to be a bit stiffer for all the extra stuff I've loaded it with. I have a set of barely used...
  5. Jon Wildsmith

    Rust Repairs and Respray

    The plastic housing the light fits into should be sealed to the body. Don't think the light is sealed into the housing?
  6. Jon Wildsmith

    Rear locker actuator removal

    There's another bolt through the locking fork into the actuator rod that you have to remove. It's under the cover plate facing forwards with a ball switch in it that detects it being locked.
  7. Jon Wildsmith

    Rust Repairs and Respray

    Looks like it was overdue some tlc! Now you mentioned it, I remember we cut back the trailing edge of the front and rear wings, but just the outer skin to just before the inner skin. We ran the 37's on oem vx alloys, with 30mm spacers to clear the chassis rails when turning. They stuffed just...
  8. Jon Wildsmith

    Rust Repairs and Respray

    You shouldn't have any problems clearing 37's Lorin. Doesn't your truck have a body lift? We've stuffed 37x13.5's just with the lip flattened and no body lift.
  9. Jon Wildsmith

    Expression of interest france trip

    Are you still planning on running this Stu? I'd be interested. It's a nice part of the country - spent a week driving tracks south east of Lomoges in 2011.
  10. Jon Wildsmith

    My 2004 100 Series

    Does it run rough, or is it just down on power, between 1400 and 1600 rpm? Wondering about sticky turbo vanes hesitating before they get to full boost. These turbo's seem quite sensitive to fuel quality when they get sticky - so a tank of e.g. Shell or BP with the extra additives, seems to go...
  11. Jon Wildsmith

    New To Forum And Have Questions

    Welcome Chris. Changing the timing belt on that engine can be DIY, but it's not a simple job, like doing it on the diesel variant for example. We don't generally recommend Toyota dealers for working on the older LC's because they were so low volume compared to all their other models they're...
  12. Jon Wildsmith

    Spring/ summer meet May 10-12 thetford.

    1- Gav Mel and kids 2- jon Alf and ( The kling ons?) 3- Andy Maria and pip 4-James and Amy (that's right he's abandoned me now) :openmouth: 5- Nick 6- Stu 7- Jon W
  13. Jon Wildsmith

    ABS - LC(HDJ)80 Dec92 - spares?

    I didn't think the sensors themselves changed? Is it just the sensor, or a sensor with wiring harness you're looking at? Cleaning the end of the sensor might fix the problem. They're not hard to take off. Maybe swap them left to right to confirm if it's a sensor or wiring fault? Taking the fuse...
  14. Jon Wildsmith

    Radiator Replacement - Other jobs?

    I fitted one about 10 months ago. Seems ok so far ...
  15. Jon Wildsmith

    2" receiver hitch

    Sounds interesting. Let us know how that turns out Stu :)
  16. Jon Wildsmith

    2" receiver hitch

    More recently I added an anti-rattle plate and U-bolt. Having such a big drop plate, even a small amount of play at the receiver tube translates into a lot of play at the ball hitch, and I noticed my trailer would sway side to side quite a lot at speed because of that movement. The U-bolt and...
  17. 20240105_150157.jpg


  18. 20240105_150520.jpg


  19. Jon Wildsmith

    Bonnet (hood) adjustment

    Same on the 100
  20. Jon Wildsmith

    2" receiver hitch

    Catching up on posting some older projects - I wanted to add a 2" receiver hitch on the 80. To save a little time and effort, I got a witter tow bar to use as a starting point. Cut away the tube to fit the receiver box section, and left a big chunk of the blade in place while I welded that in...
  21. 20221014_175629.jpg


  22. 20221027_184520.jpg


  23. 20221027_184542.jpg


  24. Jon Wildsmith

    Diesel Heater - Where to put it!

    Where does the exhaust run to nick, and do you put anything on it to stop it filling with water when wading?
  25. Jon Wildsmith

    80 series JDM rear wheel carrier wanted.

    Hi Gav, got distracted by xmas etc It's a Direct4x4 OEM style wheel carrier for an 80, from a mate having a clear out and wanting me to sell it for him. The carrier itself is straight and seems in good condition, but it's missing the plate that goes on the lower tailgate to latch onto, the...
  26. Jon Wildsmith

    80 series JDM rear wheel carrier wanted.

    sent you a message about one a while ago gav. I have an incomplete aftermarket one if you're interested?
  27. Jon Wildsmith

    Front tracking / toe

    Working my way through maintenance on this 80, and finishing up a front axle rebuild, this seemed like a good point to check and adjust the toe in. Turns out rear discs fit nicely, inside out, and give a good surface to clamp some box section to. I marked the box section centre, and 44cm either...
  28. 20231215_140055.jpg


  29. Jon Wildsmith

    Suspected head issue - repair in UK?

    I seem to recall head gasket failure is a known common fault on the petrol engines. There will be writeups of changing the head gasket on the ih8mud forum, which might be worth finding and passing on to whoever is doing the work for you.
  30. Jon Wildsmith

    Sunroof/Moonroof Delete

    Why do you want to remove it? The headlining may be a problem. The whole sunroof assembly is pretty big so there's no way to remove it without removing the headlining, and on my 94 I did that to it was thin fabric that rips easily and can't easily be removed in some places. I covered the hole...
  31. Jon Wildsmith

    Rear AC pipes corroded! Are rubber pipes easier to fit? And better?

    Haven't done it yet but plan to. There's a thread on ih8mud Rear AC cap question - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club] Using that thread as a reference, I found and...
  32. Jon Wildsmith

    LAR 4x4

    They remind you so you know what they really charged. That extra 20% of the bill is not going in their pocket but to hmrc.
  33. Jon Wildsmith

    80-Series - No forward drive

    Any unexpected noises when attempting to drive forwards? Does the engine rev freely in D, or do the revs stall? I'm wondering if 'will only move in reverse' means the VC is seized forwards but not backwards. More information needed really but main gearbox failure seems the least likely cause to...
  34. Jon Wildsmith

    Rock Sliders for AHC 100 series?

    They look simple enough, but the devil is in the details and they end up being quite time consuming to make which makes them expensive. Not sure if I saw that LAR4x4 were doing them?
  35. Jon Wildsmith

    Body off ?

    the coils are just thick copper wire so you bend them to get into awkward spots. Haven't had anything I couldn't get at yet with mine, including the little bolts and big nut on top of the AHC struts on the back of a 100 which is a fairly tight space to get into.
  36. Jon Wildsmith

    Body off ?

    I have a 2kw Sealey vs230 that's been very useful
  37. Jon Wildsmith

    Toyota Land Cruiser VX 80 Series 1991 HDJ81 4.2 VX

    Looks like a great truck for some lucky person.
  38. Jon Wildsmith

    1hdft 3" exhaust upgrade

    if you're handy with a welder you can buy a flange and make your own dump pipe. It's the same flange as on one of the old Supra's so they're readily available e.g. Toyota Supra Landcruiser Celica CT26 Stainless Steel Turbo To Exhaust Flange 735810228367 | eBay - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]...
  39. Jon Wildsmith

    Forum Admins

    I'm only a moderator, no admin powers or email.
  40. Jon Wildsmith

    Balkans 2023 - into Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Albania

    Thanks for sharing Reinhard. Montenegro looks worth planning a visit to.
  41. Jon Wildsmith

    Early Winter Camp - Nov 23 - Fotheringhay nr Peterborough

    1) Jacob 10-12 2) Jon 10-12, or 26-27, or any of the others really 3) Andy and Maria ( anytime)
  42. Jon Wildsmith

    Early Winter Camp - Nov 23 - Fotheringhay nr Peterborough

    1) Jacob 10-12 2) Jon 10-12, or 26-27
  43. Jon Wildsmith

    4.2 Oil Leak

    The 'sponge' might have been OEM sound deadening.
  44. Jon Wildsmith

    Autumn Pub Meet 20th Oct - 22nd Oct

    Wrong dates for me unfortunately.
  45. Jon Wildsmith

    the creep and go 80 refurb thread.

    Surprising how tidy some of these old 80's are underneath, even if they haven't had a lot of care. Mine's similar, and also a 12v auto, so probably similar era. I do wonder if there was a sweat spot in the production timeline for whatever coatings the body got.
  46. Jon Wildsmith

    Avalanche 2023 1st ,2nd, 3rd September

    Not going to make it unfortunately, too much other stuff going on this weekend.
  47. Jon Wildsmith

    80 Series rear Gullwing Doors

    I've realised these aren't going to work for me - the bonded chequer plate I have will be a nightmare to remove, and the frame is damaged, so I'm just going to put some boat deck hatches in the chequer plate instead.
  48. Jon Wildsmith

    OzTent / Foxwing poles

    Sorry Jon, no spare ropes, just poles.