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  1. Becki Scott

    New purchase

    Sorry just seen this... It was the DNX 5180 DABS. Looks like your all sorted now.
  2. Kenwood Reversing camera

    Kenwood Reversing camera

    Seamless integration with the DNX518ODABS Professionally installed Ignore the Chelsea tractor on the driveway ;)
  3. New Kenwood system

    New Kenwood system

    DNX518ODABS Professionally installed
  4. New Kenwood system

    New Kenwood system

    DNX518ODABS Professionally installed
  5. Becki Scott

    New purchase

    I've just upgraded to a Kenwood system similar to Animal Mother, inc the reversing camera.. Got it pro installed. It is way better than the old system, has improved the sound without even buying new speakers too! The original system isn't rue double din so you'll need the housing adapter too.
  6. Becki Scott

    Hello. can I join you all

    Hi ted. Welcome to the club!
  7. Grasshopper


    Enjoying a bit of rough under its wheels...
  8. Becki Scott

    Ay-up (Yorkshire for hello!)

    Got my 'walnut' trims back from the sign guy - he's done an awesome job coating them in black gloss vinyl. Gotta wait til next week before the door trim is properly fitted (inside door panel has to come off to screw them in), but the ignition and front dash just pushes on and (i think) it looks...
  9. Passenger trim - black gloss

    Passenger trim - black gloss

  10. Door trim - walnut dash to gloss black

    Door trim - walnut dash to gloss black

  11. Ignition with black gloss trim

    Ignition with black gloss trim

  12. Clean centre console

    Clean centre console

  13. Footwell scrubbed up well

    Footwell scrubbed up well

    Ready for new mats (delivered end of week!)
  14. Ignition, post valet

    Ignition, post valet

  15. Becki Scott

    Comment by 'Becki Scott' in media 'SatNav'

    As far as I know it's the original one John. It's a 2007 LC4. The map is on a cd behind the unit and is about 7 years out of date! I am looking to update it in the next few months, with a branded double din touch screen sat nav, with more connectivity for playing music and taking calls off my...
  16. Becki Scott

    Parcel shelf

    Not sure I can?
  17. Becki Scott

    Ay-up (Yorkshire for hello!)

    LC4 by Becki Scott posted May 8, 2018 at 9:52 PMLC4 by Becki Scott posted May 8, 2018 at 9:52 PM Here he is, before he had a wash!
  18. Becki Scott

    Parcel shelf

    Chris, where can I find the visual part diagrams for other areas of the car? i feel a spending spree coming on! Cheers.
  19. Drivers door detail

    Drivers door detail

    (pre-valet) Walnut trim removed.
  20. Ignition detail

    Ignition detail

    (pre-valet) Original walnut trim in all its glory
  21. SatNav


  22. Centre Console

    Centre Console

  23. LC4


    pre valet, exterior
  24. Becki Scott

    Ay-up (Yorkshire for hello!)

    Have had the beast valeted today and it's come up sparkling! Will post a few 'before' photos when I've worked out how to get them off my photo and on the forum. Can't wait to post after photos once I've got the trim back in place, mats in situ and parcel shelf installed.
  25. Becki Scott

    Parcel shelf

    This is really helpful guys. Thankyou so much. :) Have ordered one from Amamaya. This makes me so happy! Thanks again!
  26. Becki Scott

    Ay-up (Yorkshire for hello!)

    I’m waiting to get it valeted before I post photos! It’s not been cleaned in ages and the in laws took it to Spain for their winter break so it’s proper grotty! He was supposed to come Wednesday but we had biblical rain so he’s booked in for Tuesday! Will get my mechanic to give the underneath...
  27. Becki Scott

    Ay-up (Yorkshire for hello!)

    Thanks guys. Thanks for the lovely welcome and top tips! I've got the walnut plastic panels off and stuck a few vinyl samples on. I preferred the gloss finish but i'm not sure how well it will last. It's cheap enough to get redone, so I might try a different finish /colour / pattern next time...
  28. Becki Scott

    Parcel shelf

    That is exactly what I’m after. Thanks Chris! I’ll check my sizes and google a little more. Thanks again.
  29. Becki Scott

    Ay-up (Yorkshire for hello!)

    Ay-up. Born and raised in West Yorkshire,UK. Just inherited my in-laws Landcruiser. It’s a 2007, LC4, 8 seater, KDJ120R. 3.0 D-4D auto, 95k in Navy. Had Nissan Qashqais since 2008 but need something with a bit more ooompf for the Yorkshire roads, potholes and snow! No mods - but I’m having the...
  30. Becki Scott

    Parcel shelf

    Hi all. New LC owner here, based in Yorkshire, UK. Just got myself a 2007 LWB LC4 (KDJ120R). I’m after a parcel shelf for when the back row of seats (row 3 of 3) is removed. Does an official one exist? Anything from a different model do the job? There’s no obvious attachment points on the...
  31. My Land Cruisers

    My Land Cruisers

    Various pictures my toys
  32. My Trips

    My Trips

    My offroad trips
  33. My Build Thread

    My Build Thread

    My build thread