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  1. MikeB2MR

    a new member FRENCH

    I'm looking for a good home for my HJ61 turbo diesel wonder if you might know of any one interested this link will take you to all the information. thanks Mike ... iesel.html
  2. MikeB2MR

    Any other 60 series owners?

    Does an HJ61 Count? if so i'm trying to find out if their is a market for this and what it might be worth? Hj61Turbe Diesel 1988 183,000 klms immaculate not sure how to post pictures but could supply via e-mail , History imported from japan to Canada had lots of work done to bring it back to...
  3. MikeB2MR


    Happy to send out Pictures just e=mail me at [email protected] still hoping to get some idea of it's value seems to be all over the place as for next buy???? thanks to all Mike
  4. MikeB2MR

    Wanted : 60 series

    I have an immaculate 1988 HJ61 Turbo diesel? I have posted details on the introduce yourself section mike
  5. MikeB2MR


    Hi My name is mike I'm new to this site having been living on the west coast of Canada for the last years. Just moved back to the Uk along with my HJ61 turbo diesel 1988 .Living in Canterbury i'm finding it a tad impractical and not really doing this beast any good it like logging roads and...