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  1. Paul McCurdy

    Steering or Suspension or ?

    I've been having ongoing issues with the steering that no one here (in Honduras) has yet been able to completely solve. Here's a summary of what's been happening: 1. It started with the power steering pump, which started to go, making steering difficult. I had it replaced with an Aisin part and...
  2. Paul McCurdy

    Is this A Turbo Sensor?

    I am trying to identify the attached part, which I was told is the turbo sensor. It is attached to the air filter housing but the hose goes down into what I believe may be the turbo. But I haven't seen anything that looks like it. I own a 2001 Land Cruiser 1HDT Diesel 4.2L here in Honduras. I...
  3. Turbo Sensor2.JPG

    Turbo Sensor2.JPG

  4. Turbo Sensor1.JPG

    Turbo Sensor1.JPG

  5. Paul McCurdy

    Sub fuel tank level sensor

    I have a 2001 LC - 100 series turbo diesel. I thought the Sub tank was empty and haven't used it for the year I've been driving it here in Honduras, in fear that it would contaminate the fuel line. But I went to fill it today and it seems it's been full all this time. I added some additive to...