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  1. silvercruiser

    Sad day, Don't hate me

    I have had the Audi Q5 and wouldn't have another. Its was the plug in hybrid, in the 18 months i had it from new, it had, a repair to the charging point, then it was replaced, rear view mirror fell off in the heatwave, so it had to have a complete new windscreen, the rear drivers window stopped...
  2. silvercruiser

    2022 injectors stuffed already

    Oh Great, only 5k miles for me to have them replaced!! Hopefully not and you was unlucky.
  3. silvercruiser

    Will 265/70 17R on a spare wheel fit under the car. Scotland based.

    Yes it does, I have this size in the BF Goodrich AT and its snug, but fits.
  4. silvercruiser


    Merry Christmas all.
  5. silvercruiser

    Roof top tents

    Thanks for your write up Jon. this is exactly why i asked. still I'm in no rush to buy one as i have holidays booked abroad already. but like to be armed if the right one comes up Il have a look at the one you have and see what its like.
  6. silvercruiser

    Roof top tents

    Koos Smit, that some setup you have there. do you decide where you are sleeping on the day/night;)
  7. silvercruiser

    Roof top tents

    Thanks for the replies so far, at the moment i like the Ikampa on Andy's. the website shows over a kingsize bed and the folding away looks pretty simple. Shayne yours is pretty similar, what make is yours?
  8. silvercruiser

    Roof top tents

    Hi All After Enquiring about Karl's Roof top tent, and then the Wife getting involved, im in need of a bit more info from experienced users. I liked the look of the hardtop roof tents and they are pretty low profile when packed, are their makes/models to avoid? I also liked the simplicity of...
  9. silvercruiser

    Various camping /overland kit

    Hi Karl do you have any pics/specs of the Maggilonia Columbus hard shell tent? How much too?
  10. silvercruiser

    why auto

    You can get a manual Version in the UK, but it comes in the commercial utility spec. 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser 2.8D Utility (Steel) 4WD LWB Euro 6 (s/s) 5dr for sale for £42,600 in Stockton-On-Tees, Cleveland - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]
  11. silvercruiser

    2022 landcruiser 150 car seat recommendations

    I have used Rhino seat covers in the past, and they have fitted nicely and tough material too.
  12. silvercruiser

    150 commercial transformations.

    That's me spent out for a bit now. just waiting for the rear seat conversion to be done and then i can organise the back, I've been looking at the rear shelves that fix up hi near the grab handles. should keep the floor area nice and tidy. anyone got/had one?
  13. silvercruiser

    150 commercial transformations.

    After I went up a profile from 65 to 70. think it feels out the arches a little better.
  14. 20221004_173814.jpg


  15. 20221005_180714.jpg


  16. 20221005_181656.jpg


  17. 20221005_180646.jpg


  18. 20221005_180702.jpg


  19. silvercruiser

    150 commercial transformations.

    Tyre time today. Before
  20. 20221003_171142.jpg


  21. 20221003_171208.jpg


  22. silvercruiser

    150 commercial transformations.

    That's the reason i picked the silver one. as it already had the tow bar fitted, the dealer said they cant get hold of the genuine electrics kit (global supply issues) for the tow bar so i couldn't get it fitted to the the dark grey one.
  23. silvercruiser

    150 commercial transformations.

    Just looked through my pictures of another LC that was in toyota without the towbar fitted, it must be a cover plate to hide a bumper cut.
  24. 20220920_125831.jpg


  25. silvercruiser

    150 commercial transformations.

    Because its through my company. If I bought a standard LC I think the BIK is around 5/6k a year. And I can't claim the Vat Back. Because the commercial is classed as a LCV its seen as a van in the eyes of the tax man. So VAT can be claimed, I do have to meet certain criteria like the rear seat...
  26. silvercruiser

    150 commercial transformations.

    Hi Rob Yes factory fit Towbar, not sure il have a better look in the daylight tomorrow.
  27. 20221003_171156.jpg


  28. 20221003_171149.jpg


  29. 20221003_171142.jpg


  30. silvercruiser

    150 commercial transformations.

    Had the windows Tinted today. Before
  31. 20221003_082108.jpg


  32. 20221003_082044.jpg


  33. silvercruiser

    150 commercial transformations.

    Took the bulkhead out and black out vinyl off the windows. Rear seat conversion should be installed this month. I have gone for a scotseat conversion after reading they are one of the better ones.
  34. 20221001_175213.jpg


  35. silvercruiser

    150 commercial transformations.

    I thought id start a thread to see the changes as they happen to my new LC commercial.
  36. landcruiser commercial.jpg

    landcruiser commercial.jpg

  37. landcruiser commercial 4.jpg

    landcruiser commercial 4.jpg

  38. landcruiser commercial 3.jpg

    landcruiser commercial 3.jpg

  39. landcruiser commercial 1.jpg

    landcruiser commercial 1.jpg

  40. landcruiser commercial 2.jpg

    landcruiser commercial 2.jpg

  41. silvercruiser

    Parts Man?

    Cheers Tony. I have Emailed him. I have removed the steel bulkhead today, ready for the rear seat install but now need some middle row grab handles to complete the look.
  42. silvercruiser

    Parts Man?

    Hi All Its been a while since buying Toyota parts. Last time i ordered it was Simon Holton. I think he went up the ladder though? do we have a resident go to genuine parts guy now?
  43. silvercruiser


    Yep, I always put this on as a last resort, hoping they will find an easier one to nick.
  44. 20220929_192833.jpg


  45. silvercruiser


    Bastards. I hope you get it back to your standard soon.
  46. silvercruiser

    Re Joining the club.

    I picked her up today, drives lovely. i forgot how nice the land cruisers glide along. Managed 36mpg sitting on Cruise control around 70mph, Il soon put a stop to that with the All terrains :) I've ordered the rear Seat conversion, so just waiting for an install date. Its got what looks like a...
  47. silvercruiser

    Anyone going to Buschtaxi Treffen 2022?

    Do you think the VAT inspector would mind if i convert my new LC to a Poptop Camper :smirk:
  48. silvercruiser

    Re Joining the club.

    Cheers Tony. I can feel a slippery slope coming already!! Did somebody say All terrains.....
  49. silvercruiser

    Re Joining the club.

    Hi All I'm finally re joining the club, I'm actually coming back to my routes with a Silver Landcruiser. I put a deposit down today on a commercial version. (as its through my company) Sold the Q5, it just wasn't big enough for my needs. I will be putting in a rear seat conversion in due...