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  1. Gary Stockton

    Expression of interest france trip

    Me too if I can get dates
  2. Gary Stockton

    Soylent Green

    Ooh some memories there. Nope, not the green one for me thanks
  3. Gary Stockton

    Make the most of every day!!

    Very sad, deepest condolences to family and friends
  4. Gary Stockton

    Access to rear suspension tops?

    I have those particularly but Halfords do similar - and 22mm vs 11mm lol
  5. Screenshot_20240112_102806_eBay.jpg


  6. Gary Stockton

    New winch rope recommendations

    Dyneema synthetic if you can get it! Depends on the winch but I think you can fit 30m of 11mm dyneema on a 9.5 winch.
  7. Gary Stockton

    Access to rear suspension tops?

    There are alternative ways to doing this without cutting holes... MUD has an extensive thread about it. Apparently you can get a 22mm flex-head gear wrench in there fairly easily. Jon W has done a body lift which solves the issue completely so you may want to do a bit of research? If you...
  8. Gary Stockton

    Ongoing AHC Problems

    And here I was happily considering a 2014 200 series only to discover its not KDSS-equipped but has AHC and hydraulics like my 100 (more or less) so I'm off to scratch my head about importing one that is KDSS from SA... but that means 30% to Jeremy £unt grrr... Very frustrating really.
  9. Gary Stockton

    BF Goodrich or Cooper

    Couldn't find the Coopers I wanted so went BFG A/T and they've been brilliant so far
  10. Gary Stockton

    Happy new year

    All the very best, hoping 2024 is kinder to us than 2023 was...
  11. Gary Stockton

    Make the most of every day!!

    Get well soon, and wishing you everything of the best.
  12. Gary Stockton

    My 2004 100 Series

    Phew thank goodness mine was straight forward
  13. Gary Stockton

    dash lights stay on

    I thought that suggested a poor earth or the plug in the back of the alternator loose or full of muck?? Worth checking?
  14. Gary Stockton

    Who's using what air-down tool for their tyres ?

    Staun deflators here too
  15. Gary Stockton

    Rear AC pipes corroded! Are rubber pipes easier to fit? And better?

    Turns out the rears on mine have been replaced before I got it, and they’ve been leaking from a poor joint, it also seems they’ve been replaced with the wrong size, so just make sure of pipe diameters if going this route. New Denso compressor and condenser fitted, new HP hose from Amayama...
  16. Gary Stockton

    Pan Americana 2022-2024 North to South

    Stunning, safe travels…
  17. Gary Stockton

    100 series tips and advice

    If UK based, the dealer can pull all the service history for you, showing what was done when etc. I did that prior to buying a 100 without managing to actually see it first.
  18. Gary Stockton

    Simon Holton - parts

    Amayama, RoughTrax, Milner or yam6carparts. Also Autodoc if looking for Denso parts - good prices. Haven't had a response to the last 5 mails I've sent Simon...
  19. Gary Stockton

    Body off ?

    That doesn't sound great. I was going to buy one off fkeabay, Jon Wcadvised against it and leant me his Dealey unit. All I can say is that it was absolutely amazing at getting iffy bolts off the rear quarter of the 100, including the little ones on bumper sides, diff lock actuator etc. On my...
  20. Gary Stockton

    My 2004 100 Series

    if you can get your hands on a Sealey Induction heater, it just ... works. Quite amazing how effective it is at loosening obstinate nuts and bolts ...
  21. Gary Stockton

    Cooper Discoverer st-maxx

    Had those on an 80 series. Good tyres, on road and off-road on mixed terrain from beach to rocky. Can't seem to find them anymore though?
  22. Gary Stockton


    Been with NFU for ages, highly recommended
  23. Gary Stockton

    Rear AC pipes corroded! Are rubber pipes easier to fit? And better?

    Who did you source the hoses from Philip?
  24. Gary Stockton

    Balkans 2023 - into Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Albania

    Stunning trip, Reinhard, looks amazing
  25. Gary Stockton

    Forum Admins

    Hmm actually I think Crispin is the only Admin. Will pop him a text...
  26. Gary Stockton

    Forum Admins

    There are a few about, we probably could do with more. I’m not on much atm - family bereavement - but let me know how I can help….
  27. Gary Stockton

    G Turbo group buy

    Good result. I've since discovered they don't do for the euro-spec 1HD-FTE in a 100 series with variable vane tech. Well, they will - a custom unit somewhere north of AU$4500. Ouch...
  28. Gary Stockton

    Who is doing what maintenance today?

    Replaced rear diff lock actuator, all working now… replaced fuel filter too, replaced HP hose and A/C condenser, cold cruiser again yay. Next is radiator flush, replacing upper and lower hoses plus heater ‘T’s, then on to AHC fluid flush…
  29. Gary Stockton

    No New Land Cruisers in the UK

    Local Toyota dealer are expecting their demo 250 series early December, I've got a tentative slot to drive it... not buying for sure, but will be interested to investigate.
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  36. Gary Stockton

    My hundy build…

    Thought I’d start jotting down some notes, and probably scaring myself with spending tally lol. Started with a prett clean 2005 1HD-FTE 100 series, colour says silver, it’s more grey I think… Had 135k miles on it, south coast vehicle, fully standard with no tow-bar ever fitted so a fairly...
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  42. Gary Stockton

    My 2004 100 Series

    Is that a genuine wheel carrier on the back? Been considering doing that vs an aftermarket bumper
  43. Gary Stockton

    Wanted - LC100 rear bumper support bracket

    Thanks Andy, will do on both counts. Rust free would be eonderful but that's unlikely, so as long as its in an OK condition that would be great ...
  44. Gary Stockton

    BREAKING 100 series 50th anniversary

    Any chance you still have rear bumper support components left??
  45. Gary Stockton

    Wanted - LC100 rear bumper support bracket

    One of these that's not rusted to bits. 52309-60010. Happy to arrange courier.
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  47. Gary Stockton

    My 2004 100 Series

    Been with NFU for years, fantastic people to deal with
  48. Gary Stockton

    My 2004 100 Series

    Just ordered mine, plus a few other bits…. Hope it’s a painless transaction again
  49. Gary Stockton

    Landcruiser 200 series

    i thought there was a physical key integrated into the fob (I have that on Toyota 'ordinary' cars - RAV4 and Yaris Cross) so you could in theory not use the elctronic fob and use the manual key? I guess the user manual may explain the how-to bits?