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  1. AndycruiserguyLomas


    No mate, just a standard road queen. It's Maria's commuter and our going out car now the VW has gone.
  2. AndycruiserguyLomas

    Brake dust plates

    It seems with Collies it's a bit of a lottery as to whether the fronts will be good or not. On the D4D 2001 VX I had the fronts were none existent but didn't seem to affect anything. On my present 2000 V6 they are in great condition so there's no rhyme or reason why.
  3. AndycruiserguyLomas


    When I got the 120 with 130K I replaced the rears with genuine as they were in the area of £50 each but the fronts were very dear so I put Sachs ones on which for the past 40K have been perfect.
  4. AndycruiserguyLomas

    OEM parts UK

    I've recently ordered a good few genuine parts for the V6 Collie, ( report to follow) from Amayama. The parts so far have mounted up to about £550 inc a fair chunk of postage and £50 import charges. When I got a quote from my local Mr T dealer it was £1270 + vat with a 10% discount applied...
  5. AndycruiserguyLomas

    Hi one and all can sum one help is it a big job to put a 80 series engine and gearbox in a hj47 landcruiser wot will I have to have parts for the job

    Yes mate all good. I thought you were going to put the 1KZ in the 47? There's plenty to look at on this forum, I only look at it out of passing interest. I bet there's plenty of content on Youtube.
  6. AndycruiserguyLomas

    New member - looking for 80 series

    Hi Aiden and welcome. (I assume electrical?) don't assume anything ever. Truck could be good, or not good. After all it's 32 years old but as its an import and not seen 32 winters. Only a detailed inspection by someone who knows 80 Cruisers will give you a definitive decision on if its any...
  7. AndycruiserguyLomas

    Milners or Pedders standard springs?

    personally I wouldn't use either. Bite the bullet and get Toyota originals. I did this years ago with my 1st 80 Cruiser, replaced the springs after about 12 years with some aftermarket ones supposedly standard but the ride was harder. After a bit I bought a set of OEM exact right springs and the...
  8. AndycruiserguyLomas

    Tunit chip

    yep I've got one on my ( Maria's) 120. Bought it second hand from a FB member ( I think). Fitted it the same time as the new injectors. Instantly it was more lively than before and I still think it's impressive now, even though I've been used to V10 kind of lively. Can't tell you about fuel...
  9. AndycruiserguyLomas

    No 4th or 5th gear

    Heyup Carat, I'm assuming it's an auto you've broken?
  10. AndycruiserguyLomas

    Loud knocking left rear side

    Yep, just scanned over and didn't spot the 06 bit. Thanks for pointing that out TM.
  11. AndycruiserguyLomas

    Loud knocking left rear side

    Dunno, I've only done one on an 80 series. I don't know if a Collie is different.
  12. AndycruiserguyLomas

    Anyone else had issues with their Pedders 2" setup?

    Thinking on I'd be looking at the rear body mountings, I had this issue some time back and only located it when my mate Al was driving and I got in the back. it was the drivers side rear and you could feel it knock through the floor. Changed it for a good s/h one in about an hour and peace was...
  13. AndycruiserguyLomas

    Loud knocking left rear side

    Welcome, try looking at the rear body mountings
  14. AndycruiserguyLomas

    Anyone else had issues with their Pedders 2" setup?

    Easy things first, check the tightness of the trailing arm bolts.
  15. AndycruiserguyLomas

    Need serious advice with my centre diff

    Although I may be wrong as I don't know the setup but I can't think there will be a centre diff on a part time system.
  16. AndycruiserguyLomas

    Anyone else had issues with their Pedders 2" setup?

    With a bang as you described there should be a witness mark somewhere. Just as an aside, a friend of mine was over with his Collie on the ramp while Sam and Andy were visiting. We were looking for a knocking on the suspension only under certain conditions. after pulling tugging levering every...
  17. AndycruiserguyLomas


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  19. AndycruiserguyLomas


    Really? I mean really Really. Now's the answer to how much a " new" 80 would be/is. this price sorts the wheat from the chaff as they say...
  20. AndycruiserguyLomas

    Make the most of every day!!

    Just to let forum members know Geoff sadly passed away 6.30 this morning. Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife Joyce and his family.
  21. AndycruiserguyLomas

    Spring/ summer meet May 10-12 thetford.

    Hi Gav, please put Alf and I down making 2 plus cling ons Andy and Maria ( and Pip)
  22. AndycruiserguyLomas

    Auto gear hesitation 80 series 1995 4.2D turbo

    One thing you could check is the action of the throttle position cable, i.e. that it is free in its action and springs back as it should. I had to change mine last year ( 95 24V auto also) as it was seized and gave rough changes. It's a bit of a job as you have to drop the auto box pan to fit...
  23. AndycruiserguyLomas

    High Peak Autos

    Just watched it, he paid too much IMO to start with, it looked a bit " orange" underneath. Very short MOT and not great history. They struggle to make much more than that generally, maybe up to £3.5k if everything is in its favour.
  24. AndycruiserguyLomas

    Hesitation on my V6 Collie

    Well, having well thought about it and going back to fundamentals I thought this must be a fuel issue. Having steamed out all the old petrol in the tank when I bought it years ago I thought about what I hadn't done, having replaced the in tank fuel pump. When I serviced it up I didn't change the...
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  26. AndycruiserguyLomas

    cloth interior to leather electric heated seats

    I have done this to both my 80 and 90 and it was plug and play. So the balance of probability is in your favour.
  27. AndycruiserguyLomas

    Day out in N Wales.

    Had a day off and went laning in N Wales ( yesterday). A few different Jap 4x4's in this group, 3 80's ( including mine) lots of Collies and Patrols, all very capable. A few pics. I seem to have brought some of N Wales back with me. De grassed it and greased the props ready for...
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  34. AndycruiserguyLomas

    Seat Covers Recommendations

    Agreed with Mr G. Escape Gear is the way to go. I have them in my Hundie.
  35. AndycruiserguyLomas

    Back from Cyprus.

    Having decided to have a week off between Christmas and new Year we went for a break in the sun. Maria's nephew has a Colorado D4D manual which I wanted to see as he uses it predominantly for wild camping with his wife, small child and their friends It's set up with soft shell RT, annex...
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  39. AndycruiserguyLomas

    Seeking forgiveness from the collective/ I just couldn't help it.

    Well, the V10 itch has passed. With having bought Chris's Hilux a few months ago, which is far more practical for work I decided to let the Touareg go. It had gone from a 1000 mile a month machine to rarely used. Having responded to a "wanted V10" advert a young guy came up from Somerset and...
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  41. AndycruiserguyLomas

    Front seats re upholster?

    Now Sheffield Trimming Co. Down Attercliffe
  42. AndycruiserguyLomas

    Front seats re upholster?

    There’s a great place in Sheffield, the seats will be like brand new but it will be a four figure sum for 2 seats to be like new. They do a lot of high end classic stuff and have a fair lead time which suggests quality work. I had the headlining replaced on the high roof 60 and you’d have...
  43. AndycruiserguyLomas

    Make the most of every day!!

    Over time I've had quite a few conversations with a fellow member Geoff Wyman aka TALAMAN on here. He lives in Paphos Cyprus and we had met up last time we were here. The plan was to be taken out for the day in his Prado into the hills for an look around. I spoke to him a couple of months ago...
  44. AndycruiserguyLomas


    And the same on my GS. Was a dealer fitment. It does look sharp, that said I'd like to have seen the " before" the black dag was applied. I'm only a fan of proper paint on properly prepared metal. Wrong centre caps for the year, with the possibility that the wheels could have the cone type...
  45. AndycruiserguyLomas


    This looks like it could be a good 80, low mileage etc.
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  48. AndycruiserguyLomas

    Changed the front end.

    I've had the alloy front bumper on the 80 for a good while now, which I have liked but doing quite a bit of green laning I've felt the need to fit a winch as nearly everyone I go out with has one. I've had the tubular bar and winch tray on an 80 I've had kicking about for at least 10 years so I...