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    HZJ80 Engine Mounts That I am happy with.

    Just wanted to share these Cozza engine mounts I put them in my HZJ80 1995 a few months ago and they have been great for the price. No more annoying vibration.
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    HZJ80 1995 Window Fix

    Just thought I would share my experience. Fitted a pair of these window regulators to my HZJ80 95. Have had them in now for a couple of weeks and they have been good. My DSF window was stuck for a few months didn’t realise how easy it would...
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    HZJ80 1995 Timing Belt Kits

    I have heard a few times that you should use Gates as that is what they use from genuine. How true that is I am not 100% sure. But either way they are a great belt and you shouldn't have any issues with that kit.
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    HZJ80 CV Shafts Cozza thoughts?

    Awesome thanks, yeah I just saw has a Black Friday sale on 20% off so I bought a set this morning.
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    hub rebuild questions

    Ah yeah that makes sense. I just had a look as I saw another thread talking about Cozza 4x4 shafts think I will give them a go as I saw is running a 20% off sitewide sale for Black Friday may as well take advantage of it and get some stuff for my old girl.
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    hub rebuild questions

    Hello Nick, Great thread, photos look awesome. I was just wondering what brand of CV did you use? Or did you just repack the OEM shafts?
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    HZJ80 CV Shafts Cozza thoughts?

    I have used but not their Cozza shafts. Would be interested to see how you went with them. I am always looking for cheap spares to keep in the back of the wagon.
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