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    And another new SA member

    Hi Louis, Welcome,welkom,dumela :!: :!: :!: Nice to see the SA boytjies on this forum ;)
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    Greetings from yet another South African

    In Africa we stay THURSTY :P ;)
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    evolution of my 40

    Thats GREAT Roger keep up the great work,just hang in there ;) :!:
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    100 owners advice /comments would be welcomed

    Thanx Martiens,im a computer expert as you can hear,can you please leave me your number so that i can phone you,and we can go through this manuelly :?: :oops: :?: :(
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    Any other 60 series owners?

    Welcome to all the South Africans nice to see you here :D :!: 8-) 8-) 8-)
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    70 series action shots

    Great pictures guys,how do we load these stuff man :?: :( :?:
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    40 Builds in UK

    Thanx Steve,here my mail adress [email protected] Thank you very much mate 8-)
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    100 owners advice /comments would be welcomed

    Nice pics Martiens ,and nice to see you on the UK forum. I drive a 105 myself,and there are just no comparrison to these cars.Martiens is right when he says that you must try and get the 4500 EFI.It delivers a 165 kw compared to the non turbo diesel 4.2 model we get here locally,that only...
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    Still Cruiserless but someday soon...............

    Hi Deon, Welcome on the forum,im also based in South Africa(Wellington),and i have sold many cruisers on our forum to members here locally :) Please do not hesitate to contact me here locally in South AFrica if i can assist you in any way with your purchase :?:my contact numbers are...
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    Greetings from yet another South African

    Hello Hennie,nice to see you here on this forum,and i hope that you will do just as much wonderful work on this forum than what you are doing on our one back home :) Hennie how do we load pictures here,very much the same as back home :?: :?:
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    40 Builds in UK

    Hi Steve,i just thought of photos in general.Is it just as difficult to load pictures on this forun as on ours in South Africa :!: :!: :roll:
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    40 Builds in UK

    Im also busy restoring a 1974 FJ 40 8-) Anybody here with some pics of theres :?: