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    90 Build

    Turned a sows ear into a silk purse, great work on the chassis, will last for years now.
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    Is it for sale mate?

    My 1997 Collie is perhaps the only vehicle I have owned where people ask is it for sale. It’s a working vehicle so not pristine (although the underneath is excellent) but folks keep asking me if I will sell it. One guy has been to the house twice this year to ask about it. I explain that if I...
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    Cooling Automatic transmission fluid

    Is the 120 the same as the 90 Series Colorado with regards to cooling the auto transmission fluid i.e. does the fluid cool through the pipe in the bottom of the radiator or does it have a separate cooling system? TIA.
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    Cooling mods for 1998 Prado Turbo Diesel 3.0 1KZ-TE

    When I got my automatic 97 Colorado the first thing I did was replace the radiator, thermostat, water pump, viscous hub and hoses with new genuine Toyota parts as preventative maintenance. I’ve also replaced the top and bottom ball joints with genuine Toyota parts.
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    Chassis problems.

    I had a galvanised chassis from Richards a few years ago when I rebuild my LR V8 Ninety, very well made and everything fitted. Definitely a shame they don’t do one for the LC. Luckily my Collie 95 has a mint chassis due to spending a lot of its time in Portugal.
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    Lower Ball Joints Torque settings

    ^^^ Great thanks for that.
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    Lower Ball Joints Torque settings

    Sorry if this has been covered before but I can’t seem to find a definitive answer. I’m going to change the upper and lower ball joints on my 1997 diesel Colorado. Could somebody please confirm the correct torque settings for the castle nuts, the 4 bolts fixing the lower ball joints and the tie...
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    Rough Trax

    Ordered a filter kit yesterday from Rough Trax, arrived this morning via FedEx. Fantastic service.
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    Back in the 90.

    I put £120 worth of finest diesel in my Collie the other day which was painful, however she never lets me down so she’s worth it
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    When I add my partner to the insurance it always reduces the cost, no idea why.
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    Replacement suspension 1999 colorado

    That does look stunning with everything painted black.
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    Getting back into the 90 series scene!

    I have a 97 GX Auto. The first thing I did was put in a new radiator, hoses, viscous fan and thermostat just as a safety measure as I had no record of these items being changed. Because the chassis was in perfect condition due to it living in Portugal for a lot of its life I also had it...
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    Rear axle turret / mount broken off / rusted - options? See pics.

    Historical info, Land Rover produced galvanised chassis for the 48 pre pro vehicles in 1948. All the more recent galvanised chassis have been aftermarket.
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    Sporadic Starting

    To close off this thread, testing has shown that the solenoid is faulty so when the starter motor comes off and if it’s the original Toyota one I’ll get the complete unit overhauled as there is a really good Auto electrical place nearby.
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    Intermittently working remote fob

    As above, my remote stopped working, so just use the keys now.
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    Rear diff lock actuator rebuild

    Excellent write up, thank you.
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    Sporadic Starting

    Thanks for the info guys. At the moment it seems to be behaving itself ( famous last words ). I’ll see how it goes for now and hope I wont need the big yellow taxi !
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    Sporadic Starting

    Recently my 97 diesel Collie has had intermittent starting problem I.e. turn the key and either get nothing or the starter motor just turns for a fraction of a second. I initially thought it was the starter motor or a poor electrical connection, however I took it down to my local mechanic and he...
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    The minefield which is buying a Colorado.

    It took me a while before I found my 97 GX. Many which were advertised looked great but once you started looking at MOT histories and asking a few searching questions nearly all had serious problems with corrosion. Luckily the one I bought had spent a lot of it’s life going to and fro to...
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    Torsion bars: scheme and part number wanted

    Thanks Bob for your insight. I’m not particularly worried but perhaps after 125K miles it would be prudent to change them. I would only fit original parts. Would Toyota still list them? I know through my local Toyota dealer you could buy a genuine radiator when I enquired.
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    Torsion bars: scheme and part number wanted

    Interesting comments on the lower ball joints Bob. I’ve just had my 95 in for Mot which it passed with flying colours. I know the tester well and asked him specifically to check the LBJ. He said there was no play in them and he was confident that they would be fine. The car has been well looked...
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    Suspicious Enquiry

    To be fair I don’t have a problem with someone enquiring if a vehicle is for sale, used to happen a lot at car shows when I had my 911. However the guy who came to the door was driving past, or he said he was and it would be pretty difficult to see the LC as it’s parked in a corner of the...
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    Suspicious Enquiry

    Maybe I’m a bit old school but I don’t particularly like people wandering onto my property without being invited especially when they ask if the trailer is for sale when it clearly can’t be seen from the road, so obviously they are having a look around to see what is there.
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    Suspicious Enquiry

    Today I had a guy call at the house asking if I would sell my LC95. He spoke in a broad Irish accent and said he had spoken to me before about selling it, which he clearly hadn’t. He said he was a Landscaper and needed a a Truck for towing trailers. There is a Traveler community a couple of...
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    Well after my initial post commenting on the one pence reduction in insurance, the cost for my LC is £252 so quite a bit lower than many who have commented. In that case I’ll just shut up
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    £750 Blimey, I’ve got the LC a Porsche and three classic Land Rovers insured for less than that, phew!
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    Just got my renewal from Saga, I’m please to report it has reduced this year by a whole penny :smiley:
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    E 10 petrol warning “dangerous do not use “ 90 95 series

    Luckily E5 is easy to get where I am and run my old Land Rovers on it without seemingly any problems up to now. My Boxster is apparently ok to run on E10 but I only use E5.
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    New owner seeking advice and thoughts!

    To me it screams of off road abuse, Personally I would give it a wide berth. The rad might be clogged up with mud and rubbish which would no doubt lead to the inevitable.....
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    New owner seeking advice and thoughts!

    Looks like it’s been an off road toy. Definitely check out the underneath for damage, also the rear of the chassis and rear axle for corrosion.
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    Challenge, Cruiser on the road for under a grand.

    It looks cleaner without the side steps, unfortunately for me my Partners Father needs transporting occasionally and needs the steps to haul himself in. Is it much of a faff to change the D light bulb, as mine has just gone too?
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    My first 1KZ drive

    Yes I was aware of the bed option but as I have taken out the third row seats when I bought it, sleeping comfortably in it isn’t currently possible.
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    My first 1KZ drive

    I always thought that my LR D3 when I owned it was big and had a huge load area however since I took the third row seats out I’m sure the LWB Collie is at least as big if not slightly bigger. The one advantage the D3 had was you could fold the second and third row seats completely flat and you...
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    My first 1KZ drive

    After having a few LR diesels, a Tdi which was like a tractor but bombproof, a Td5 which was good but had a few issues especially the early ones and a TdV6 in a Discovery 3 which was a fantastic vehicle but unfortunately was prone to snapping the crank. Also both the 2.4 and 2.2 Transit engines...
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    90 series - bargain!?

    After over 45 years of Land Rover ownership and a short while of Land Cruiser ownership a welded chassis can mean anything from a few tacked on metal bean cans with weld like pigeon s*it to a fully let in and ground back weld which is almost invisible and anything in between. I have pretty much...
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    Snow / slippery downhill slopes

    A few years ago after a snow storm I was coming down Red Bank in the Lake District in my Auto D3 it was in low but it was sliding too much but after hitting the HD button calm was restored and it steadily crawled down with no drama, so I have always considered HD not to be a gimmick but a useful...
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    Snow / slippery downhill slopes

    Several years ago I had an automatic Discovery 3 which was fantastic in the snow, however if you drove down a slippery snow covered hill it was lethal unless you had Hill Decent engaged. I’ve not yet had the pleasure of driving my auto Collie on a steep slippery slope so how do they handle in...
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    Challenge, Cruiser on the road for under a grand.

    Not a drop of snow here, too near the coast.
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    1KZ --Glowplugs. No Tell-Tale Light?

    Yes mine goes out in the blink of an eye so if you are not looking directly where it is you would probably not see it.
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    Motorway speeds, very relaxing.

    So today, I made what is a very infrequent trip on the Motorway in my 1997 Auto Collie. Motorway speed around 70 I was reminded how noisy my Defender and even my 1995 Discovery was when I had them in comparison to the relative quietness of the Collie with just a hint of wind noise and background...
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    Thinking Aloud --Where Next With Regards to My Truck?

    Cheaper than many repro Land Rover chassis, although shipping may be a tad expensive.
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    Challenge, Cruiser on the road for under a grand.

    My Grandson when he first got in my Collie said the blue/grey seats look like Bus seats so I can see the attraction of the leather. The cloth seats do wear really well though and they are quite warm in Winter.
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    Thinking Aloud --Where Next With Regards to My Truck?

    Words of wisdom from Bob. Better the devil you know etc etc. I doubt I could find anything to compete with my 97 Collie, it’s pretty simple, almost basic, big enough to carry loads of stuff when needed, I actually think it’s bigger than the Disco 3 I had and less to go wrong. A farmer friend of...
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    Upper ball joint boot

    Nice write up, thanks for sharing.
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    Quick read.

    Nice write up, thanks for sharing. Although I don’t off road my Collie, it does everything I need from a car, the only other vehicle that I had which was as practical was my Discovery 3, which was also very reliable but at 10 years old I sold it as LR electrics don’t seem to do well long term...
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    Have I Discovered the Most Random Undocumented 'Feature' Ever?

    90mph up Shap, that’s pretty good going. I managed 60mph with my modified Series One Land Rover in Summer.
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    Smart Collie.

    My 1kz with 127k miles pulls really well and has pretty good acceleration, more than enough for what I need. Also pretty quiet at motorway speeds, much quieter than my old LR Tdi and Td5.
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    New Colorado owner!

    Nice truck, as Bob says get the rust sorted now if you intend on keeping it for several, or more years. Mine was excellent underneath but still got it professionally rust proofed, inside and outside of the chassis and sills and inside the doors and wings.
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    Challenge, Cruiser on the road for under a grand.

    ^^^^ agree entirely, that’s why I’m keeping my Collie standard.