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  1. Folurteener54

    Electric issues

    Star: Thank you. I edited thread, any improvements, suggestions welcome. Mark
  2. Folurteener54

    Electric issues

    Rich: thanks for the reply and advice. My further research seems to indicate the Nav module could be repaired by an outfit in Van Nuys, CA for about $250 but would only restore the old school level of maps, CD unit doesn't work so unable to use update CD's. third party suppliers provide...
  3. Folurteener54

    Model 100 Nav System Faults

    Navigation System Faults - Edited for Clarity - Found fault/failures of Nav system circuits for; Map(voice), Dest, Menu functions. - Functions; Climate, Trip Info and Display work. Alternatives - Hi Tech Electronic Services: Ship Display unit A) $200 to $500 w/Nav or $200 to $450 without...
  4. Folurteener54

    Electric issues

    Folks, Please weigh in here in terms of your opinion of: Possible solutions to issues. Degree of threat indicating more serious problems, costs to repair? Keep or trade? I'm concerned that I'm entering into a phase where the continued problems will escalate and cause the value of the vehicle to...
  5. Folurteener54

    NM Newbie

    Name: Mark Vollinger Model 100, 2003, current mileage 130K Mods by previous owner, 20" very shiny wheels! Plans for your Cruiser: Moving to desert in CA, so warm weather mods where needed. I use it for hunting quail and exploring mountains. 4x4 Experience: This is my 3rd Landcruiser and I simply...