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    Toyota Australia warranty

    Thanks Shayne, Good point - we have Australian Standards (AS&NZ) that have to be adhered to for all things but especially mechanical. So their argument would have to disprove the AS on any professional mods.
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    Toyota Australia warranty

    After troubles with brand new 79 having what the Dealer calls 'clutch rattle' and a vibration coming through from the front end - dealer wants to sidestep the issue by citing 'after market upgrades'. Even though we have phone records showing that we informed the dealer of these problems before...
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    Gear Box Noise

    Hi, New to this forum but hoping you might have some advice. Not my first Landcruiser by any means, but first one with a bit of a problem. Brand new single cab 79 series with a non-Toyota -top quality tray installed. Has a noisy gear box - like a grinding noise in low gear at take off. Gear box...