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    ACSD delete 1 HDT.

    I did this on mine probably 12 years ago? The engine is direct injection so glow plugs are not needed, but they are fitted anyway, Toyota were definitely making sure these engines start! Regards Dave
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    A/C pressure switch differences

    OK, I am good with this, the pressure switch is a two stage design. Normally there are only two wires used but the switch connector can carry four, the first pressure part of the switch engages the compressor however, there is a second stage, this to bring in the optional electric booster fan...
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    For Sale Land Cruiser 80

    Owned by me for over 13 years this is no ordinary ‘80’ and it is only being sold due to ill health. Please note, this car is originally from the UK and is right hand drive, presently it is registered and insured and being used in Spain, to re-register back into the UK would be a breeze as it is...
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    Fire risk!

    No mine is a 12 valve, the bonnet cable is if I remember correctly is clear enough not to touch the relay. I am still waiting on the replacement, everything stops moving here in July and August, so it will arrive in the next couple of weeks, I will replace it before selling the 80, this rather...
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    'Deliverance' type Squeal!!

    I refer to my earlier post, the point about the alternator mounts, aggravating the possibility of one belt being tensioned and the forward one being loose as the alternator is turned inwards at the pulley end. Anyway, sadly due to ill health I am selling my 80. :disrelieved:Details coming soon...
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    'Deliverance' type Squeal!!

    Toyota actually sell a 'matched pair' for alternator/water pump, and there is something I have come across so many times. If the lower bolt that supports the alternator has been left even slightly loose it makes the rear mounting hole on the alternator (aluminium) elongated, if left long...
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    Letter from The Mayor of London. ULEZ.

    Probably more chance of burning your arse on a snowball! Regards Dave.
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    Puzzled by Sinking Brake Pedal

    I have mentioned this on the forum before, it is a problem often seen by mechanics's it's called 'pad knock off'. Often the brakes seem fine, you move the vehicle a few metres and you get a 'long pedal'. The disc tilts on the loose bearing and pushes the piston back into the caliper. As...
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    centre diff lock

    I agree, but the enforcement of the CD when in LO hardly helps when trying to reverse a heavy trailer into a driveway, the tyres protesting on behalf of the driveline about the strain it is experiencing. Interesting is the amount of plugs I find disconnected from the front diff locks on a few...
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    Letter from The Mayor of London. ULEZ.

    I can add a little enlightenment here from Spain. At the beginning of this year motorists were advised they should purchase an 'emission sticker' for €5.00, that would remind you when it was OK for you to drive into an emission controlled 'city', the rule is active but as of yet not being...
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    centre diff lock

    I pointed out once that the orange centre diff lock light did not illuminate when switching on the ignition (although the front and rear red ones did), l think this was at the time when the CDL was only activated by selecting low range, enquiries with other owners showed this to be quite common...
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    Fire risk!

    I agree, but having said that, in December my 80 will be 29 years old, so I would be happy to just plug a new relay in place. The headlight relays suffer the same problem on older models, again if the problem is caught early the relay socket will not be burnt. I was going to build a simple add...
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    Llangollen steps.

    Whilst the high pinion design of the front differential is weaker than the rear, I think breakages are more about abuse or lack of experience. The weakness is actually more pronounced when in reverse, going forward the pinion is drawn into the crown wheel, in reverse it is pushed outwards if...
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    Llangollen steps.

    I knew something wasn't right, just my curiosity. :icon-biggrin: Regards Dave.
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    Llangollen steps.

    @AndycruiserguyLomas Have you modified your diff lock system? Mine engages the rear before the switch moves through to engage the front i.e. no front without rear. Regards Dave.
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    centre diff lock

    I don't see a signature showing your car model or year, depending on the year if it has ABS that will light up as will the orange differential light warning when the CD is operated. With the ignition on but engine off operate the difflock, you should hear a whirr and/or click. Note, do not be...
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    Advice needed. Upgrade of car stereo - Snow White

    You will find that the OE mounts are 'stepped', so if you have a DD flat screen then it should fit in the OE dash opening, but some of the DD mount kits won't work with the OE mounts, ask me how I know! Eventually I used the OE mounts off the old stereo and fitted them to the new stereo, it...
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    Auto box sump removal.

    I am a 'belts and braces' kind of guy, check with the FSM, and then use RTV sealant anyway. :icon-biggrin: Regards Dave.
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    Rear Fog lights not working

    Apart from the obvious need for one to be fitted, my MOT days were basically if it is fitted it must work. An interesting note though, many years back then windscreen wipers or was it washers, were not on the checklist. :icon-biggrin: Regards Dave.
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    Fire risk!

    I have no idea mate, my additional fuse box is above it so not related, I am not one to leave my hazards on for hours, the terminals are clean and secure so not a poor connection heating up, there has been no changes to bulbs ect so? It could be an isolated incident peculiar to my car, but...
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    Fire risk!

    I guess if everyone had an extra long arm like yourself Frank that could work? Regards Dave
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    New glow plugs

    The reason glow plugs are fitted with a lower rating is because there is not 12 volts available when you switch on the ignition, and the glow plugs are heating up. Regards Dave
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    centre diff lock

    It may have had the centre diff lock button fitted, a common modification to allow low range to be selected with the lock engaging. Regards Dave
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    Fire risk!

    I was connecting an accessory today to the additional fuse box I fitted in the driver's footwell. Just by chance I noticed the flasher unit looked a little distorted? Pulling it out I was surprised to see that a hole had been burnt through the outer casing! Given this is an area full of...
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    looking for a good mechanic

    There are a lot of guides around, download the FSM and go at it. It really is straightforward, but dont try and do half the job. There are a couple of tricks that are often missed, just put these in between the FSM instructions as you go. Once you have removed the wheels and calipers mark...
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    And what makes you think it was you Rodger? I do have more than one friend, and it could have been him. :icon-biggrin: Regards Dave
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    80 series 285/75/16 tyre pressure?

    When on road lightly loaded I am at 30, when fully loaded (3000 kg) and off road I run nearer 40. Unless you are way over on the caravan nose weight the tyre pressures shouldn't be far from stock. Regards Dave.
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    As above for my 94 80, the badge 'LAND CRUISER' that is on the tailgate. The sun here in Spain has eaten mine. I tried polishing it with some kind of polish I found in the workshop however, I have a sneaky feeling I used a brillo pad instead of a sponge to apply it? :think: Must be in good...
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    Injection pump removal

    To apply the pressure needed, if you don't have decent hardened bolts, they will strip out of the gear. I have been lucky and theu eventually come free. I was told by one mechanic that he had to use a grinder after heat failed, very carefully he made a shallow cut near near the shaft, put the...
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    Fuel problems help required.

    I would check all the vacuum lines anyway, but does appear that the 'idle up' setting when AC is switched on is quite a way off? Regards Dave
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    the straight through crew.

    Thanks for that Frank, great to get back on the road for sure. Regards Dave.
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    Tyre option's

    Great, let us know how you get on. Regards Dave.
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    Tyre option's

    (Thanks @Bodie @Gizmops Re your ITV tyre issues. I am assuming you have a 'DEFECTOS GRAVES' with regards to the tyres? First thing that springs to mind is the BFG tyres are not (or were not) available in the stock size 275/75/16, for the 80, although I have seen automatics fitted with...
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    the straight through crew.

    A change of plan undoubtedly driven by excitement about getting my licence back, I gave her (the 80) a quick once over and presented her to the MOT station this morning. Handbrake was below par but within limits, but I did get two warnings, slight wetness around top of engine, could have been...
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    the straight through crew.

    About to put mine through on Monday, having stood for nearly two years, she has covered twenty miles in the campo so I am unsure what they will find? In general she looks ok, but testing shows weak handbrake effort on the right, but adjustment is spot on, possible axle seal seeping, pull it...
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    Radius arm and Panhard rod bolts...

    Thanks, yes post operative Epilepsy under control, six monthly MRI's show all clear, next MRI in August. Some pretty minor issues which are here to stay I can deal with, but all going great, nothing but praise for help from the Spanish health service, distant family and close friends, it can't...
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    Radius arm and Panhard rod bolts...

    For sure, from a new car it goes first inspection is @ 4 years, then every two years until the vehicle is 10 years old, then it becomes yearly, but there is a caveat, at ten years old, if your vehicle has seven seats Kia Carnival (Senata in the UK?) then the ITV is six monthly! If your vehicle...
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    Radius arm and Panhard rod bolts...

    Put anything that even resembles an aftermarket bush in your suspension here in Spain, and the yearly (or six monthly depending on vehicle and/or age) inspection is pretty much guaranteed to fail your car....unless you have an engineer's report......circa €250.00! There are some very few and...
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    Loss of Power - Fuel Contamination OR Fuel Pump Issue???

    Yes that looks like the one, follow the pioe and it should run up to the filter head. Regards Dave
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    Hotwiring a new rear locker stuck in closed position

    A bit late but just throwing this in, yes you can use a 9 volt battery, its my preference. Regards Dave
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    Bringing a US-Spec FZJ in the UK

    I imported my UK spec 80 from UK to Spain, swapping the headlights is obviously needed, and having two rear fog lights covers the left/right issue. So where were the problems? The OE tow bar had to be removed, I had to prove the side steps were original, and tyres sizes were as per OE. Whilst...
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    1996 Lift gate won't unlock with key, remote, or pull post

    That's OK, they accept anyone on here. :) On a more serious note welcome, also well done for finding a cure. Feedback on how you accomplished it is always welcome however, sadly some never come back with an update. Regards Dave
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    Radius arm and Panhard rod bolts...

    Wire brush and a release spray the day before dismantling, no release spray? Then pour some coca cola over the bolts. Regards Dave