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  1. mussy


    Have been off the commuinity as no longer have a Land Cruiser, just heard the news. Chris, rest in peace and our condolences from the mountains.
  2. mussy

    Please confirm this is a steering wheel for an 80 and is there a possibility it fits on a 100

    I have this in the garage and I am sure it is for an 80 1995-1998. I put it up for sale here in France on our version of Gumtree and somebody thinks it will fit on their 100. Any ideas folks?
  3. 20210106_182909.jpg


  4. mussy

    Question is the exhaust for a RHD 80 the same as one for a LHD?

    Evening All! As the title says if I buy an exhaust system from UK for a RHD is it the same as one for a LHD vehicle? Thanks as always Mussy
  5. mussy

    Should ths plug be connected to something?

    Would it matter I have a LHD? Do the RHD have the coolant bottle on the UK drivers side?
  6. mussy

    Should ths plug be connected to something?

    Ok, oh well, not sure what I've done to deserve these non answers, I suppose (and hope) it is for nothing significant. Onwards and upwards..
  7. mussy

    Should ths plug be connected to something?

    Yesterday I removed the coolant bottle to get some room to change the batterry. I found this cable hanging about. Any ideas what it is? Should it be connected to anything? Thanks as always.
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  9. mussy

    Joe Rogans 80 restoration YouTube

    Joe Rogan the famous podcaster and UFC commentator has had an 80!rebuilt for him. Looks like nice work done.. His hobbies are hunting and trekking etc...
  10. mussy

    Is this worth a punt (80)

    Be quick to get this because I think we all know wheee this will end up...
  11. mussy

    ebay sale. how long is too long?

    Send him an invoice for 200 GBP storage per month. And /Or inform DVLA of sale and once that is has been registered then park it on a public eye street and let the police do the rest....
  12. mussy

    ABENTEUER & ALLRAD Bad Kissengen (Germany) - 20th-23rd June 19

    I should be there, with my 2 boys, (maybe the missus also), bit too early to confirm for sure.
  13. mussy

    Breakdown East of the Cederberg Mountains South Africa

    Wow Byron, another African adventure for you! Glad you made it out safe and even thought you had the problem it is clear your preparation, tools and sound risk assessment saved you. Take care...
  14. mussy

    Power steering hoses replacements

    Hi, My Blue one is at the mechanics and they say the power steering hoses are leaking as they are old and porous. Not sure if this is a crock of sugar but that is what they say. They are suggesting to change the hoses,. Is there a kit for this or does anybody know the part numbers? Thanks as...
  15. mussy

    Good luck buying parts if you're part of this "club"

    Yes but not from 80 Breaker...
  16. mussy

    Good luck buying parts if you're part of this "club"

    Yes, I got them, from other sources...
  17. mussy

    Good luck buying parts if you're part of this "club"

    So, I have waited a week or so to process this and decide whether or not to post . After reflection and the outcome and the reason why, I feel that it is valid information. Couple of weekends ago, I damaged the front RHS wheel arch flare on the Blue 80.. It could be repaired but I prefer to...
  18. mussy

    Forum shuttle service (help) required
  19. mussy

    Part numbers for Back door window and door rubbers Help 2!

    Hi Guys all ok done via
  20. mussy

    Part numbers for Back door window and door rubbers Help 2!

    Hi, TOYO doesnt seem to work for me to see what I need. Can somebody help me with the part numbers for a Land cruiser 80 1994 X Auto.. Rubber for heated rear screen Rubber for body of car that fits to Back door (tail gate upper and lower). Also any suggestions of where to buy that ships...
  21. mussy

    What Alternator is this, help!

    Hi, As the post says what alternator do you see here is it the round or oval plug? The reason I ask is that the part number on the net shows has conflicting information. Vehicle is 1994 80 VX Auto 12 V LHD. Before anybody asks me to go and check the car, I cant as it is 2000 km away from me...
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    front 2.jpg

  23. front (1).jpeg

    front (1).jpeg

  24. mussy

    Lincomb meets 2018

    Is the next Lincomb meet happening in September?
  25. mussy

    Not the most expensive 80 I have seen but.....

    Here you can see more.
  26. mussy

    Not the most expensive 80 I have seen but.....
  27. mussy

    Need advice for large parts order to Anti-Poaching organisation in Africa

    over the last 27 years I have moved a few windscreens to Africa as nobody wants to touch them. But 1 windscreen can cost thousands to send....They need to be crated and moved only with trusted suppliers. If I was you, I would do a massive full sole use , it only for you 20 ft container spare...
  28. mussy

    Windscreen install.

    Make sure the rubber is clean, dry and warm(ish). Use any if the sealants mentioned above and you will be fine. Once Chris sees this, he'll say no need for the sealant. But this is about the only time I have not listened to his experienced advice. Why? Because I have had 4 windscreen changes...
  29. mussy

    Ummm, forever Toyota Land Cruiser, I think?

    Chris is correct in my reference to Simon, no offence intended to you or your Simon, apologies for that. My beef which I won't repeat or continue was on something else said and just be sure this was not by you.
  30. mussy

    What to do if

    Likewise (as much as I can....)
  31. mussy

    Ummm, forever Toyota Land Cruiser, I think?

    "1 to 2." No clue what you mean by this nor do I or anybody I think cares either "I thought it would be helpful from landcruiser owners." It is extremely helpful, just you chose not to embrace the good intentions of others forum members. "not back biting finger pointing "mines better...
  32. mussy

    Ummm, forever Toyota Land Cruiser, I think?

    We ran out of chairs to burn by about post 5 on this thread, We are already at beds and chest of drawers....I just object to people, quite frankly actually trolls coming on the forum and name calling, I am not a specialist by any means on my cars but owning them has given me experience that I...
  33. mussy

    Ummm, forever Toyota Land Cruiser, I think?

    Good to know there are some twats here, never knew that. Takes one to know one, eh? Why do you even bother to join this forum? Have you ever actually met or spoken by phone a forum is that auto gearbox doing btw? Where despite a good number forum members trying their best, all...
  34. mussy

    2018 MOT passed; but not without the spanners.

    Tesla tech in an we are talking...can somebody contact Elon?
  35. mussy

    2018 MOT passed; but not without the spanners.

    If I do that it will be to park them up and not use them, after Hungary joined EU and lost import duties on cars they introduced a registration tax of the same amount. Also if they are in Hungary, basically I will use them max 2/3 months a year....sad state of affairs....
  36. mussy

    old or new style dash?
  37. mussy

    old or new style dash?

    Sorry put a - between Toyota and global
  38. mussy

    2018 MOT passed; but not without the spanners.

    If I think how much I have spent on full refurbs for my 2 remaining 80s, full leather , headliner, sound proofing, not to say also when I find better looking parts interior or exterior that I replace to bring back to as new as I can and now I am basically forced to sell them. Probably could get...
  39. mussy

    Ummm, forever Toyota Land Cruiser, I think?

    Agreed, certainly looking forward to how this pans out....
  40. mussy

    old or new style dash?

    i never knew that mussy From Some nice info...if you're too lazy to read all here are the dashboard infos; "The same instrument panel was used on the 80-series from its first release in 1989 through...
  41. mussy

    2018 MOT passed; but not without the spanners.

    I had both mine done just before the changes came through in France in Mid May. Now seriously considering on selling both. They have now made central Annecy a no go zone as well...some new French law Critiqair or some baloney.... Fed up with govt/ EU making us with cars that we maintain...
  42. mussy

    Ummm, forever Toyota Land Cruiser, I think?

    Off to make some popcorn....oh and welcome btw!
  43. mussy

    old or new style dash?

    As I understand the design of the old dash was based on the shape of a grand piano....
  44. mussy

    Need to get from Harwich to Holyhead

  45. mussy

    Not going so good.

    Hi, before you change the box there are so many things to do first. Like Chris said the cable, even changing the oil will make a difference. How do I know this? Owner of 3 Autos 94 year and nursed a broken box leaving Spain toured Morocco and made it back to Geneva. Secret was to change oil...
  46. mussy

    Helping the NHS flounder.

    Here in France our doctor does not let you make an appointment by phone. You do it online and can do it 24 hours per day 7 days a week. Which is great if you feel bad at 10 o'clock at night and can make an appointment for the next day. Following that I have used this in my own business... The...
  47. mussy

    80s series at auction

    70k not 7, rumour it has been resold recently for more.... I must confess, I did see it and it was mint. It was from Italian origin and had zero and I mean zero rust....
  48. mussy

    80s series at auction

    Al I can say is I know a lhd 80 with 57000km that sold for 70000 Euros 3 years stock condition.
  49. mussy

    Lincomb meets 2018

    I was planning of coming with my 2 boys, but not worth it to drive 12 hours and ferry to sit in the rain. Have good one everybody!