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  1. danakittilsen

    Canadian Greaser In Europe

    Hey folks, I've converted my 1hd-t to a two tank system for running 100% WVO. I've run 100% or some blend for a good portion of the 96,000km since installation. Using a long term cold settling upflow filtration system, with 200, 17 and 10 micron filters. I'm about to ship my HDJ81 from Halifax...
  2. danakittilsen

    Canadian HDJ81 moving to Europe

    Your name: Dana Kittilsen Your Cruiser: A 1991 HDJ81, 330 000+ km on the 1HD-T Mods on your Cruiser: 2.5" suspension, 35" tires, snorkel, cellular remote controlled webasto, Vinyl wrapped, 90L aux tank, converted to run on used vegetable oil, front bumper with winch, rear bumper with 80L slip...
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