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    Steering drifting left

    Thats a good price if its done properly. Try to make sure you get a printout. As Shayne said, the oversteer issue would suggest a possible issue with the location of the rear axle. Id strongly suggest you identify this issue prior to your alignment.
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    Steering drifting left

    Yes, this is correct. BUT, to do the alignment properly you would be referencing the thrust angle of the rear axle, so would need to know what it is. Without that, you may find despite adjustment, that your steering wheel is not centered. Tracking (toe angle) out, inaccurate castor, or possibly...
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    Baselining My 80 / Overland Build

    That sounds like a great trip :) Excellent write up. On a slightly more selfish note, can i ask, how was the suspension?
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    Front and Rear Suspension Assembly

    I have double checked this with my collegues in Oz. Starting from the bottom, the boot with its integral washer on first, then the large flat washer. Followed by the mount. Once thats on, the top smaller rubber, then the smaller dished washer, dish facring down. That will of course render an...
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    Front Springs

    Will let you know, hopefully tommorow,
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    Front Springs

    Thats us :)
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    Front Springs

    If you really get stuck, you can send them here. Our machine will definitely do it :)
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    Suspension nightmare

    Good to hear its all fitted and working. But yes, i think you should ask. Currently you have no effective bump stop fitted at the rear which is not ideal. I cant quite make out what he means from your description, but the instructions have the details on what should be done. Please let me know...
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    MOT - rear suspension

    So is the air bag side of things still OK?
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    Broken spring: new springs throughout or just front ones? And raise?

    Yes, they are the standard height front springs. As i said, id expect yours to be lower given the additional weight. But ours will be a touch stiffer than the original Toyota ones, so you will back to where you were prior to spring failure plus a few milimeters . No need for bushes unless they...
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    Broken spring: new springs throughout or just front ones? And raise?

    Hi Raffles We do actually quote an installed height for springs on a standard vehicle. That said, looking at your photo you do have one or 2 extras attached to the front :) This will affect the final height, but if they are standard on there now, and you fitted our standard height springs...
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    4inch landcruiser 80 lift

    Sorry i have not seen this earlier. Much as we would like to do so, we cant carry everything in stock all of the time. But what i can say is, anything we dont have in stock, we can normally get in within 2 weeks from Australia. This wont affect the price you pay. Regards Roger
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    My 80

    Looking good Gary :clap:
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    oo whats all this then

    We're so happy with the way that Pete's 100 series looks that we've used some of the above photos for the website, with Pete's permission of course :icon-biggrin: Regards Michael @ Pedders
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    oo whats all this then

    I think that it looks great as it is with the original wheels. Nice job well done :clap: Regards Michael @ Pedders
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    oo whats all this then

    Hi Pete, Good to talk to you yesterday. Re instructions, noted. I'll get onto the guys in Oz to see what we can include with the torsion bars. It's always fun removing components that have been on there from new ;) Regards Michael @ Pedders
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    oo whats all this then

    :icon-biggrin: Looking forward to seeing some photos of it fitted. Regards Michael @ Pedders
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    New Home page for the 100 series on Pedders Suspension

    These home pages seem to take too long to build :think: But it's finally here for the 100 series :icon-cool: So... please go and have a look and tell all of the things that I've done wrong :eusa-shhh: Regards Michael @ Pedders
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    Spring spacers or stiffer springs?

    Hi Clive, Sorry I should have made that clearer :) Pedders ride height measurements are taken from the bottom of the wheel rim to the bottom of the wheel arch. This way, we take the tyre size out of the equation and it's an easy place to measure from for everyone :) Here's a diagram from the...
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    Spring spacers or stiffer springs?

    Using spring spacers will limit the movement of the springs giving less articulation and increase the risk of the coils going into coil bind. I would use spacers when there is no alternative. If you can get the height that you want from springs alone, this would generally be the better route to...
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    Pedders Landcruiser page... please look and comment!

    For those of you who are lucky enough to have one... we have added the FJ Cruiser to the Landcruiser page :) Very funky looking vehicles! Regards Michael @ Pedders
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    My 80

    Looking great. :clap: Regards Michael from Pedders
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    My experience with Pedders Suspension

    I can't work out what happened here re parts but as soon as I saw the email, I had to phone even on a Saturday morning to sort it. Please let us know when your replacement shocks arrive and once you have fitted them your thoughts. We're all about happy customers here and we believe that we...
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    My 80

    Black on black? it might end up looking like the enemy in Street Hawk if you're not careful :icon-wink: Showing my age! Regards Michael @ Pedders
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    Pedders Suspension Landcruiser 90 Series Home page

    We've been busy again with the website and thought that it was time that the 90 series had it's home page... so here it is :) Please let us know what you think and if I've got anything wrong etc. Regards Michael @ Pedders
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    My 80

    Looking great! Good to see the kit finally going on. The above figures and the 90mm lift is the reason that we quote fitted ride heights and not lift amounts. Just need some bigger tyres now ;) Regards Michael @ Pedders
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    Pedders Front Suspension Lower arm strengthening brackets

    I was having a look through the FAQ section on the 100 series and realised that there isn't anything there about the lower arm cracking where the torsion bar locates. We've found this to be a common problem with the 100 Series when it is regularly off-roaded on challenging terrain. Also, when...
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    Superpro control arm bush's

    We have a range of urethane bushes for the 90 series if you are still looking. Anything that isn't in stock can be air freighted over (no extra cost to you) within 14 days...
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    90 series fitted with Pedders Lift kit photos.

    It's always good to see vehicles that actually have the products fitted to them and see how well they perform off-road. Our guys in Australia recently had a 90 in the workshop to kit out with out lift kit and the owner was more than happy to take a lot of photos. I thought I'd post some of...
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    Pedders Landcruiser page... please look and comment!

    A new product to add to the website which I think will be popular. We found that when we wanted to change the castor correction bushes, the bolts have been seized into the bushes and the bolts have been very expensive from the dealer. As a result, we've bought a bulk load so that we can offer...
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    2" suspension lift

    In reply to the question of length of shock absorbers, we have found that you can run the lift kit with our stock length shocks without issue. Some people just want to lift it a bit don't want the hassle of having to change the brake flexi hoses and breather pipes. Others want to fit the longer...
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    Suspension suggestions.

    Hi Roger, We're sorry that we couldn't help with springs for your KZJ70 but we're very happy to hear that you like the 5802 bushes. They really do offer OEM reliability, castor adjustability and flexibility that polyurethane bushes just can't match. For those wondering what they look like...
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    Lower control arms

    Hi Rob, Did you get sorted with new lower suspension arms? Pedders now sell a strengthening plate to help stop the lower arm from cracking on all 100 series Lancruisers. I think some of the confusion above is...
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    Stock Suspension alternatives.

    I forgot to add, everything from Pedders has a 2 year warantee. If you are in any way unhappy with the product, just take it off, put it back in the original box and send it back. Regards Michael @ Pedders
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    Stock Suspension alternatives.

    Old Man Emu is good quality stuff, but, we find that they have a different damping philosophy to ourselves. We offer a range of shocks including our Foam Cell on a lot of vehicles, which make for an ideal shock absorber on a big 4x4...
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    Stock Suspension alternatives.

    Pedders can supply you with a stock height kit. We have all of the parts on the shelf apart from the stock height front springs which we can have in within 14 days.
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    Pedders Landcruiser page... please look and comment!

    Another kit added. This time for the 105 Series. We have the kit in stock ready to go. If you want go higher, we have a range of springs for the 105. Regards Michael @ Pedders