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  1. RL12

    USB media player compatible with 2003 on 100 series?

    Knicko I haven’t used it myself but I believe a Teyes CC3 does what you’re looking for, but an FM transmitter would be a cheaper and easier option. I’m currently working on swapping out the whole factory touch screen head unit for rotary climate control switch’s and an aftermarket head unit, but...
  2. RL12

    SOLD 2001 Toyota Landcruiser Colorado 3.0L D4D KDJ95 VX 4x4

    More images of underneath
  3. BCF1D6B3-9419-468F-9914-FA341CAD536C.jpeg


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  8. RL12

    SOLD 2001 Toyota Landcruiser Colorado 3.0L D4D KDJ95 VX 4x4

    These are the best pics of the underneath that I have at the moment but will get some more soon
  9. CDBF8FA4-3945-4174-B083-B8DF8B532CDE.jpeg


  10. 256B7A14-F462-4F10-B192-07306A7A8EC4.jpeg


  11. RL12

    SOLD 2001 Toyota Landcruiser Colorado 3.0L D4D KDJ95 VX 4x4

    Lovely vehicle, Price reduced down to £3500 to get it sold.
  12. RL12

    SOLD 2001 Toyota Landcruiser Colorado 3.0L D4D KDJ95 VX 4x4

    2001 Toyota Landcruiser Colorado 3.0L D4D KDJ95 VX 4x4 Automatic Long MOT Just Serviced Genuine Safari snorkel Average mileage of 202k miles 265/75 R16 Cooper Discoverer S/T tyres I’ve owned this car for the last 6 years and it’s been absolutely great! Super dependable, powerful and very...
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  18. RL12

    2002 Series 100 with Nav head unit

    Hi, did you find any alternatives to the factory unit?
  19. RL12

    LJ70 Gearbox crossmember

    Thanks, I think the LJ is flatter than the FZJ though
  20. 6CAF75E5-2559-4319-82CE-EDA56118433B.jpeg


  21. RL12

    LJ70 Gearbox crossmember

    Hello all, I do offroad winch challenges and am looking for a new LJ70 gearbox crossmember so it's not as low. Couldn't see any off the shelf parts so will be designing & making it myself. To get the correct height does anyone know if the crossmember is supposed to be flat underneath? mine...
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  24. RL12

    40 Series WANTED

    Thanks all, have been in touch with Tony but the search continues. Will look into bringing one back from Europe, and also keep an eye out for any uk sales that come up
  25. RL12

    40 Series WANTED

    Many thanks, it’s down as deposit taken so guess I’ve just missed out on that one. Is ~3.8k about the right price for one in that condition then ? Looks very original but extremely rusted
  26. RL12

    40 Series WANTED

    Hi all, im looking for a 40 series Landcruiser for my next restoration project. Anything considered, from MOT fail to rust bucket! preferably Diesel and RHD But not essential I’m Based in the midlands but able to collect from most UK places with a trailer if required. Please comment or...
  27. RL12

    New toy - FJ40LX V8

    Looks awesome! PM sent regarding something you might be interested in.
  28. RL12

    Colorado heating and running problems

    Wow thanks for the detailed reply Bob, that’s a good shout to be honest, was the new fuel pick up very expensive?
  29. RL12

    Colorado heating and running problems

    Hi all, bit of diagnosis/solutions to this: I put an in-line clear fuel filter and found that the starting problem is the diesel draining back to the tank over time. The fuel lines are quite rusty so I’ve ordered new fuel hoses which should cure it. The thermostat was blocked up with its own...
  30. RL12

    Colorado heating and running problems

    It's the D4D. The A/T cooler is separate from the standard rad.
  31. RL12

    Colorado heating and running problems

    I've had a read of that thread which is quite informative, hope I don't have a cracked head though?! Thread Link below if anyone is interested I think the auto cooler is bypassed but I'll check, and the engine...
  32. RL12

    Colorado heating and running problems

    Hi Shayne, tanks for the reply, I have lots of blue and pink for my other vehicles but am not familiar with red... It is an Auto yes, and has had a separate oil cooler added already by a previous owner.
  33. RL12

    Colorado heating and running problems

    Hi all, For a few months I've had a intermittent oil temp warning light that comes on after 5mins for a few seconds. The engine tempts normal so put it down to dodgy sensor. Most recently The front heater matrix doesn't seem to get warm anymore and now more worryingly after starting up the...
  34. RL12

    Devon 4x4 - Anyone dealt with these guys?

    Yeh they're very fine, A very professional company who stock all the proper gear.
  35. RL12

    Landcruiser LJ70 external roll cage

    Relisted as the winner cancelled ☹️
  36. RL12

    90 series electronic FM aerial

    electronically retracting aerial assembly wanted for a 2001 90 series Colorado, please PM me if you have one available, thanks
  37. RL12

    A Thud when dropping the Clutch

    I had a similar thing a few yeas ago with a RRC and it was a broken engine mount so check those and the gearbox mounts. Would also suggest jacking up the wheel(s) and trying to establish if the driveline has excessive play in diffs/uj's/transfer box.
  38. RL12

    Landcruiser LJ70 external roll cage

    Hi all, i've just put my old LJ70 roll cage on ebay. as detailed in the listing it's a bit tatty but solid, and would cost a fortune to fabricate from new so grab a bargain! cash on collection from Uttoxeter or i may be able to deliver it, message me on ebay and let me know you're a LC club...
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  41. RL12

    Putting a workshop in the garden...

    Thanks for the responses guys, some really good points. It's 32ftx3m so would less than 30m^2 (just!) And I'm thinking although it would be nice to work on concrete stone chippings or road scalping would be the way to go. We're not going to live here forever so it would be temporary.... :) The...
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  46. RL12

    Putting a workshop in the garden...

    Hi all, After a bit of advice about putting a workshop in the garden.. So I've bought a house with a garden big enough for a (domestic) workshop, that I see enclosed by nice tall hedges. I did my research to see if planning permission was required (it's not as the workshop is a temporary...
  47. RL12

    Best tool ever?

    might be, im not familiar with the aviation industry to be honest Chris. Call me weak but another thing I use all the time to get more leaverage on bolts is a 1/2" drive long handled flex ratchet, makes light work of any bolt
  48. image_zpstt1wqs8f.jpe