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    Landcruiser lj70 [creepycruiser]

    Well, i've asked y'felas about some stuff, and thought to myself, why dont i do a build topic here too, and show my toyota? :P Well, i've had it for a couple of years, now, so will be a long post, hang tight... As it stood whe i obught it (minus the winch) 20120701_180728[1] by Vc1r, on...
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    Lj70 rubber trailing arm bushes

    HI! Does anybody know if maybe the rear bushes fits the front trailing arms aswell? The parts number differs, but i cant really see why they would be different, car is a -87 Lj70 If not, does anyone know where one can find rubber bushes for the front, and all the cushions for the chassis...
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    Lj70 propshaft handbrake

    So, everyone knows how crappy the lj70 handbrake is, and everyone also knows that X-eng quit with their kits for the landcruiser.. Simple question, is there any other kit out there, prefferably in Europe/asia, other then the kit that offroadtarvirke has? My handbrake is shit as the 2 brackets...
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    Lj70 Brake issue

    HI! After last offroad trip i have a brake issue in my 1987 landcruiser.. When i depress the brake pedal it is VERY firm, as in almost doesnt move, when i apply great amounts of leg force i get the brakes to work some, but they are not as good as before, which lead me to believe the brake...
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    Harro! Sweden calling!

    Harro! My name is Victor, 22 years old, and lives in Sweden. My interest for offroading sprung out in Autumn 2010. I tried once with my to that time daily driver, a stock Toyota Hilux, and i was pretty much hooked. Though since it was my daily at the time i wasn't to fond of taking it out into...
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