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    Friends, I have 96 Prado with 1KZJ95 LC, I replaced the radiator last feb. 2017 when I rebuilt its engine. Recently I have noticed the water level goes down in the radiator by 50-100 ml. I need advice if this is a serious issue or just normal.
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    I have LJ95, 1996. I have rebuilt the engine 4 months back and also changed the Radiator. Recently I notice during being stuck in traffic for 1 hour and moving at snail pace that the A/T temp light comes ON as soon as I accelerate coming out of the Jam. I pulled over after a kilometre and...
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    Compass meter not functioning

    I have just replace my Multi Functional meter on my 96 Prado, as the old.s LCD was broken. Now the compass meter is not moving as we turn or relocate the Vehicle. i have tried to reset by pressing both up/down arrow button and drive the jeep in circle, but in vain. please advise
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    O/D off light blinking

    I have a 96 Prado, my concern is that every day or two the O/D off light start blinking while driving, but this happens every time in the night. when the Vehicle is then parked (engine switched off) for more than one hour it vanishes to re appear some other evening. please if some one can advise
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