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  1. stumog

    CDL not engaging in Low Range -1994 VX80.

    That was going to be my next move thanks Gav. Just acquired a powerprobe to make life easier
  2. stumog

    CDL not engaging in Low Range -1994 VX80.

    My center diff is not working. Got to a point the other day testing that i have a open circuit on the wires going to actuator. I take this isnt normal?
  3. stumog

    camperized 80

    Very nice mate.
  4. stumog

    ARB bumpers

    If you spoke to Arbil dont bother. Try Devon 4x4 they are much more on the ball with ARB stuff. Been very helpful recently with my hilux bar. If i remember the post 02 bar is a more collapsible version and does come with recovery points in it. About that time legislations changed to ensure...
  5. stumog

    Higgys 80 restor/project

    Makes sence if its good enough for a bucket to be moving around all day then should be fine. Do you get any play in them? Never looked that closely to be fair but i am.liking the idea
  6. stumog

    just wondering...

    I am with lv they were one of the few who took trade no claims
  7. stumog

    Shes back in action

    So after a small job turned into a full axle rebuild plus other jobs. I got my 80 back Here is a link to a weekend out near me. Its trying out a route for my laning business. Cheers
  8. stumog

    Higgys 80 restor/project

    Dont think i posted a finished photo sorry as it always seems to change. Once i add a max trax rack i will post. On yours what is the piviot running on? Have you got any kinda bush there?
  9. stumog

    Looking for 80 rear axle

    Well you need to match the front other wise you will have a bang somewhere
  10. stumog

    Istanbul camping expedition 2020

    How do you rate the quality on that pickup back?
  11. stumog

    battery exploded

    Had it on buses where they do just explode i cant remeber to.much now apart from the noise
  12. stumog

    My trucks.

    Nice mate my love the back ground of pic 4
  13. stumog

    Converting a 100 series to 105.

    Google would be your friend there Its no small job but is possible nobody here has done the work so id say you need to do alot of research and please post back and do a build thread to help.other in future. Youd be better iff buying a 80 running gear and a 100 body and making that work.
  14. stumog

    Converting a 100 series to 105.

    Anything is possible but what the labour would cost. I inow the chassis is different on the front of a 100 to 105 so its hard to say.
  15. stumog

    4x4 Expo

    I am going to look at a howlingmoon 270 awning with sides from flatdog
  16. stumog

    4x4 Expo

    Yeah heading up
  17. stumog

    I need some sort of help

    Chas's truck has turned up in the village next to me. Got some monster tyres on it
  18. stumog

    Swing away tyre carrier build

    Nice mate. You have tiny hands. Did you import the spindle please
  19. stumog

    80 Series Underbody protection

    Do these bolt up to existing mounts? When changing oils do you need to remove the plate or does it have holes that allow you to get in?
  20. stumog

    New here

    We will sort something out.
  21. stumog

    New here

    Am i?
  22. stumog

    Go the Mighty 80!

    I had a oem one and did fabricate some spreader plates to fit in the inside it can be done and alot easier if you dont have acces to a lathe. To be honest id save up and get one from poland off ebay seem a good price when you add up labour unless you have a mate
  23. stumog

    Swingout spare wheel carrier

    As chris said the hours is mental to fab a 1 off. I wish id had another pivot made while i had the chance. This has had a few mods since i did it but now looks alot better with the rear corner bumper fitted. I would have thought if i added the hours up it would be 20plus so at £30 per hour...
  24. stumog

    Many thanks to Roy Duffy of for a great weekend

    Uk trucks do have the center lock switch or at least mine does. All i did was as clive said pull the plug off the switch on the transfer box and total control
  25. stumog

    New toyota

    So went to fit a synthetic winch rope and hawse today. I found out that my arb bumper needs a offset hawse anyone come accross this before and what did you do. I feel the arb kit isnt the best option looking at the force 5 one
  26. stumog

    New toyota

    Nice thanks seems easy enough will look at the weekend as running antenna cables
  27. stumog

    New toyota

    Have joined up on hpoc but struggle with finding anything with the search
  28. stumog

    New toyota

    Thanks chaps. I would have gone a 100 byt when looking wondered if they are to wide for the application.
  29. stumog

    New toyota

    The cost of the front axle of the cruiser means its not going anywhere for some time. Plus lexi will not allow it to be sold. We had a 5 day mourning for the trailer i sold let alone the cruiser
  30. stumog

    New toyota

    So after the constant bullying i have received from you guys and my child i have treated myself to a new vehicle. I could live with myself much longer with your horrible comments So hope this is better received. Nice start need to build her into a overland come work vehicle for Yeti...
  31. stumog

    Many thanks to Roy Duffy of for a great weekend

    Glad you feel like that shayne its always a jump start to get out and enjoy our country side. Remember a wise man once said if it f***s or floats going to cost you a fortune I am.gutted i missed the trip
  32. stumog

    Used aftermarket bumper or kit?

    There you go
  33. stumog

    Used aftermarket bumper or kit?

    If your not going to fit a winch legally is a bit of a no no. Metal bumpers/ bull bars are illegal However a winch mount is allowed to be used on a uk road
  34. stumog

    Robotic precision.....

    Seen something similar for making ship props the lathes we stupidly long. Like 20plus meters
  35. stumog

    Lincomb - May 15 - 17 2020

    Surly this should read punch Nick Admin?
  36. stumog

    Chrome cvs

    On the off chance anyone got a set of chrommoly cvs kicking about theyed part with? Need the shafts also Cheers
  37. stumog

    IOO Series bought unseen of ebay (I warned Him)

    40k in mine in 2 years and only changed front wheel bearings and pads. Lots of pads. Shitting myself now that something is going to go wrong now. However i belive that a car with good history will pay off
  38. stumog

    Back for a third time !

    Well done pictures? Was it the one from german cars in WSM?
  39. stumog

    185 grand Range Rover, (Had to Laugh)

    Good saving and a better vehicle then if you go to JLR heritage to get a similar vehicle
  40. stumog

    3rd gearbox fail

    Od say check.the coooling system as it sounds like the oil is getting contaminated after a bit. Get them to pressure test the rad. Or fit a external oil cooler to be safe. This is a issue on the 90 series
  41. stumog

    hub rebuild questions

    Interesting so you could up grade a 80 to a 105 hub to gain the higher strength components
  42. stumog

    hub rebuild questions

    How did the 105 wheel bearing part numbers compare to the 80 ones please?
  43. stumog

    Amazon fire stick help needed

    If you already have a laptop just plug that into your tv. Open amazon on the internet
  44. stumog

    Outer wings from toyota uk.

    Each or pair
  45. stumog

    Summer sisters event

    Thats it
  46. stumog

    Summer sisters event

    Wales mate back end of nowhere. I remeber swansea ish
  47. stumog

    Funny Pictures

    Dont stop.posting you have put some funny posts up. Chas really Let someone else post there stuff. Whats the hard ship. That landrover joke was great as you didnt get you got all funny with a new comer. How many people really bother these days with the forum. Its nice not seeing the normal...
  48. stumog

    An Ultra slow Ultra4 build

    Thats great news Ryan Hope you have a great season. Please update with which events and will cheer you along
  49. stumog

    Any Black Friday deals....

    You can only scan 1 sheet at a time
  50. stumog

    Any Black Friday deals....

    Yeah good one my wife wants to be able to scan a document in 1 go so dismissed that one. Now when ask how often the scanner will be 8sed she said has no idea...
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