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    Strata Florida this May Bank Holiday

    Is anyone heading towards Strata Florida this weekend who might like to join/meet up? I'm likely driving my BJ45 so would like to join a Land Cruiser group to go through Strata Florida etc. on this Sunday 1st May - I'd hate to have to join or tow a Land Rover group!! Thanks Adrian
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    BJ45 parts search - on BJ45 renovation (pictures)

    Morning all I have been renovating a BJ45 and need a few bits to finish her off to a high standard and I need a few more parts. Can anyone help with : Crank handle for lowering the spare wheel. Grab handle near glove compartment Quarter light window latch (passenger side of LHD vehicle) Sun...
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    Respraying a BJ45 from white to beige 416 (see picture) - colour search

    We are well underway renovating a BJ45 (see the picture) and about to respray. People have been very helpful with finding parts etc. - thank you all. I'd like to spray it Toyota Beige 416 (it was white). Can anyone now let me know where the paint colour can be sourced or how we can get a...
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    Body Parts for BJ45 required

    I am part restoring a BJ45 and we are after some clean body parts Need : Left and right Front DOORS. Left and Right Rear DOORS. Interested in : Left and Right door STEP. Would like : BONNET Front windscreen PANEL Left and right glazed section PANEL Please anyone help or point me in the...
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    Registering an imported BJ45

    Please can anyone assist? I may need The Land Cruiser Owner's Club to help as I’ve come up against the mighty DVLA. Please persevere, I’ll try to keep it brief. Because they say the manufacture date is not clear, DVLA are refusing to issue a UK registration number and documentation for the...
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