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    Funny Pictures

    Bet Newton didn't have the kids coming home and screwing his broadband speed by watching movies on Netflix. That's my excuse, anyway...
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    Technical Benefits of a Snorkel

    From practical observation: 98% looks/image, 1% dust (and only with the right cyclone top, else you make it worse - you're drawing in fine particulates), 1% wading (assuming everything else is water proofed). I had one on my challenge truck for deep water, as regularly went 3 feet+. The one on...
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    BFG K02 wet road performance questions/alternatives

    Got Yokos Geo ATs on the 4x4 Sprinter - fine as a road and occasional off road/bad road tyre, and they've worn okay, but when we came to fit them I was surprised how flimsy the side wall was. I've never had a problem with them, but its always in the back of my head when things get sketchy. Never...
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    When did toyota stop thinking this was a good idea?

    Lol - on one of the other sites I'm on there are three pages of discussion on various off grid toilet solutions...
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    Carreta 1500 model Teardrop Trailer

    Fair enough, and I guess Cyprus brings it own challenges! For us (family with 2 kids under 10) building up our little Sprinter 4x4 as an off-grid camper was a no-brainer, and all-in less than the price of many of the adventure trailers. Only issue for us now is that the kids are getting a bit...
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    Carreta 1500 model Teardrop Trailer

    Just buy a 4x4 van and have done fella - less hassle all around ;-)
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    Another Up and coming cruiser owner

    Treasure the time mate - we've taken to playing games (cards, scrabble, whatever) with Kass most nights, rather than TV or tinternet - happy to spend the time, you certainly don't get it back. Adventures and camping with the kids have been some of my best times - even just doing Scotland...
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    Another Up and coming cruiser owner

    All the best, mate. Glad to hear everyone is happy and healthy. Only seems 2 minutes ago that my girls were that size... Kass will be 10 next month! See you soon.
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    OK liability avoidance but really !?!

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    Hey. Welcome! 35 years in and original is pretty good going. Look forward to seeing pics in due course.
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    Winch for 95

    Oh - and of course it depends what you need it for - for recovery and general use you'll get away with a slower winch - some of the cheaper ones are painfully slow, you certainly want to use one in any kind of off road competition...
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    Winch for 95

    ^^^^ what he said. I'd also recommend the extra for plasma rope over wire - easier to handle, lighter, less dangerous if it does happen to snap...
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    Welcome aboard - and good luck with the rebuild :-)
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    Steering damper and lift kit question

    Hi Chris, just looking at that now... haven't pulled it off yet... can't remember, but isn't there a taper on one end?
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    Steering damper and lift kit question

    Thanks - will have a proper look tomorrow. All the best.
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    Steering damper and lift kit question

    Cheers Tim - what did you replace it with? OE equivalent? I don't know that company..
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    Steering damper and lift kit question

    Hi guys Running a +2 inch Pedder kit on the 80 series, inc upgraded steering damper. We were looking at the steering yesterday and noticed that the damper seems to have been binding against the track bar, presumably on articulation. the truck is used predominantly on the road, so this isn't...
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    Relative poverty

    Cheers JJ. I bought my first place 25 years ago, and you're right, we were very lucky back then, that this was achievable. But it still took a lot of work, mind. GOB - The original post was made with the intention of prompting discussion; I don't subscribe to the idea that what is happening in...
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    Relative poverty

    BTW - I don't buy into this "poor can't do it" nonsense either. I grew up working class, parents never owned their own house, I started doing odd jobs, mowing lawns, etc, as soon as I was able. No bank of mum and dad, my dad died of lung cancer when I was 19. I worked my ass off - saved, bought...
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    Relative poverty

    At the risk of causing anger.. if you want a decent pension, you work your arse off, and you save, and you make it happen. Personally I see the state pension as a safety net and nothing more - you are responsible for yourself - present and future.
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    New toyota

    Nice - looks the same colour as mine. :-)
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    Hilux buying advice for female friend

    Hey Grimbo - not sure the chipping would add much - think its 170 bhp as stock anyway (or around that) so I can't see another 20 bhp impacting anything really. Be interested what the on board mpg is showing (I get 28 on mine in pretty much all circumstances over a few thousand miles). Jan...
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    Hilux buying advice for female friend

    Only had mine 6 months or so, its a 3.0 D4D manual - no issues with the gearbox at all - feels very solid and shifts nicely. They're a nice truck and feel extremely well built (especially compared with L200s and the like). Ride is choppy unladen is my only gripe really - but only to be expected...
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    George Clarke's Amazing Spaces - "ultimate camper" build

    Very neat - good work HW! What do you have left to do?
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    Welcome aboard. Definitely one of the most high energy intros I've seen :-)
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    Its not them that are writing the news - its the idiot newspapers and social media nuggets. As some wit said recently - shock, 35 year old man wants to stop living at his grans house. Just let them get on with it.
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    185 grand Range Rover, (Had to Laugh)

    Nene Overlands "vast experience and skills".. in what ? Going bust repeatedly? Jeezz.....
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    Happy 2020 !

    Happy trails all. Take care, stay safe, and do your best to enjoy this crazy ass thing we call "life".
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    Clutch smelling

    Well, I got the chance to investigate today and the clutch is good - stalled the engine, no slip. So I did a bit more digging... and would you believe, it was the alternator belt slipping and creating a burning smell. One belt had come off completely, the other had somehow flipped over (so...
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    Pyrenees trip advice - must see's etc

    Only been once, we took the ferry down to Bilbao, then crossed into France and back over again. As mentioned above, the two sides are very different - the French side more like the low Alps, the Spanish side more dry/desert like. Personally I preferred the French side, but enjoyed both and the...
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    Starter issue

    Here's my thread (24v not 12v): - see note re threadlock!
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    Starter issue

    Couple of threads on here about this - our one did it a while ago - bought a new contact set kit, didn't take long to do and pretty straightforward.
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    Clutch smelling

    Thanks guys. CG - yep, she's the main driver now - it's essentially her truck now, so she knows it pretty well and drives it daily. She's a good driver and doesn't hang about, she doesn't drag the clutch. TP/Frank - yeah - think I will check the clutch with the handbrake on and double...
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    Clutch smelling

    Hi all Jan mentioned that the 80 Series has started to get clutch smells occasionally, usually when booting it, It's not noticeably slipping (yet) though. Bit surprised at the clutch was changed about 5 years ago (c40,000 miles) - was a clutch kit at the time, but we didn't have any bearings...
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    modern ish 4x4s and mpg.

    Back-to-back on the same roads, same driving style - 80 Series 4.2 diesel manual is c22 mpg, Hilux 3.0 D4D manual is c28 mpg. Seems about right?
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    1976 FJ45 Petrol for sale

    Marked sold on the site?
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    Overlanding with kids - A Scandinavian adventure - TRIP REPORT

    Definitely a trip I'd like to do. Thanks Nick :-)
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    1976 FJ45 Petrol for sale

    Good luck - lovely truck. Interesting site too - some very special machines on there... Quattro S1!!
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    Focke Wulf 190 V Spitfire

    Always had a soft spot for these bad boys when I was a kid - watch with the sound up loud!
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    Windscreen removal & refitting

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    One for Hilux owners.......

    Nope. Does nothing for me at all. And the current approach to electrical vehicles is unsustainable. And Musk is a fecking twonk. And the demo was laughable. To clarify, Musk is to motors what Trump is to politics. Apart from that, a winner all the way.
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    Windscreen removal & refitting

    Hi guys - sorry - resurrecting an old thread - where did you get your new windscreen rubbers from? Ours is fooked after being in and out several times when the truck was being resprayed...
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    Adjusting 80 series steering box

    Not looked at this yet, but on the list. I'm still not sure which nut we are adjusting (apart from the one behind the wheel), but will have a nosey.... :-)
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    Really weird video, that. Nothing in the majority of the clip that you wouldn't attempt in, well, anything really from a Vitara up... and the some static pics, showing deep wading (possibly). I've always liked these, but the vid is not going to sell any trucks.... hmmm
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    Here you go...
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    One of the Japanese importers was bringing these in a while ago - thread on here somewhere...
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    How do I cure rust in rear wheel arches ??????

    Re the OP - if you have any significant rust, the only answer is bite the bullet and get it cut out and re-welded. The various treatments will limit spread etc, but you can't turn rusted out metal to good with any chemical treatment, all you can do is stabilise and then cover up with filler or...
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    Confusing Size Specificities

    Can't say for certain, but ground clearance will be under the diffs and hence pretty marginal given your point on the overall tyre size. I am guessing that those fitted with 20" wheels have lower suspension? (Then again, why would anyone put 20" rims on an offroader, but that's a different...
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    The Adventure Overland Show 28th 29th sept 19

    Jeez SC, that's some Heath Robinson device right there! But if it works, I won't knock it. Re staying til Monday - I've done that a couple of times, last time I think there were literally a dozen or so of us by 8am Monday morning...
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    80/100 Rear body extensions/conversions

    Looks good - who manufactured the box for you, Paul?
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