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  1. Matt from Croydon

    'Watersedge' LC79 Build

    Stumog, To do the same set up would be a bit under $100,000 (AUD) on the road.
  2. Matt from Croydon

    'Watersedge' LC79 Build

    SteveJB, The tow bar and recovery points are made by Hayman Reese, its call an X-Bar. They are based out of Melbourne Australia. The bar comes standard with the recovery points. All 3 are rated to max of 8000kg! The bar also sits about 100mm higher then the stock bar.
  3. Matt from Croydon

    'Watersedge' LC79 Build

    Can still get the LC70 in Aus brand new. In single + dual cab, 5dr wagon and Troop carrier.
  4. Matt from Croydon

    'Watersedge' LC79 Build

    Hi All, Another LC79 GXL DC build at Croydon Toyota. Feel free to ask any questions. Set up for a hard life of work, but some fun off-road on the weekend as well.
  5. Matt from Croydon

    'Uneek' LC79 build

    I am pretty sure it is a custom made item. I’ll get in touch with the supplier to find out.
  6. Matt from Croydon

    'Uneek' LC79 build

    Hi All, Some photos of an awesome build we have helped out with at Croydon Toyota. Currently on display at our showroom Questions welcomed
  7. Matt from Croydon

    Hello from Croydon Toyota

    Hi All, Thanks for the kind words. Yep, In Melbourne Australia. As I start some more project/customer build Ill keep adding more photos. Been keeping an eye out for a nice LC Trade in/Part ex for a project of my own.
  8. Matt from Croydon

    Hello from Croydon Toyota

    Hello Your name: My name is Matt Your Cruiser: I don't have the privileged of owning one, but have sold and built plenty as a Toyota salesman @ Croydon Toyota Mods on your Cruiser: N/a Plans for your Cruiser: To help owners with any questions they may have for a Toyota dealer 4x4 Experience...
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    Various pictures my toys
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    My offroad trips
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    My Build Thread

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