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  1. Mr_Red

    2020 Calendar - get your order in! - attempt 2

    Got my calendar today. Cracking effort guys!
  2. Mr_Red

    ABS light

    It's a 2006 HZJ105L-GCMNSV
  3. Mr_Red

    2020 Calendar - get your order in! - attempt 2

    I'm also a bit late. Are there any left Crispin?
  4. Mr_Red

    For sale: Glind heat exchanger shower kit (from Australia)

    Damn, I was too slow. Let me know if it's still available
  5. Mr_Red

    ABS light

    Hi folks, The ABS light on my 105 series has recently come on and will not switch off. Does anyone know if the 105 has a diagnostics port to help me investigate the issue? Cheers
  6. Mr_Red

    Grand tour s3

    Sorry for the bump folks, but I just got round to watching this episode last night and was a bit concerned by the fact that they managed to lose 6 Landcruisers, with Jeremy Clarkson saying that "they all broke down in some way". Certainly doesn't bode well for modern Landcruisers. Anyone know...
  7. Mr_Red

    A deranged obsession

    If those are the guys I'm thinking of, I gave them a call a few months back regarding their too good to be true collection of low mileage 105s. Sadly the cars have no papers and can only be bought for parts.
  8. Mr_Red

    A deranged obsession

    No 60's unfortunately but I spotted a few in the Netherlands when I used to live there.
  9. Mr_Red

    A deranged obsession

    There's no tax to pay in the UAE when exporting. Just a £35 admin free to get the paperwork done. I think the import tax was a total of 15% for my truck. Not sure how much the 40 was going for I'm afraid.
  10. Mr_Red

    A deranged obsession

    That's a major advantage of getting a car from the desert. It's full of sand but is rust free (except a bit of rust on one of the doors).
  11. Mr_Red

    A deranged obsession

    It's got 150,000 miles on the clock, which isn't too bad for a 2006 and yes, LHD was the key reason to getting it from the middle east as opposed to Australia. I really wanted a 105, which I could drive almost anywhere and not have to worry about being banned from certain countries. I would...
  12. Mr_Red

    A deranged obsession

    I bought the truck for £5800, but it cost about £8000 in total including import and shipping.
  13. Mr_Red

    A deranged obsession

    I have always wanted to get out and see the world, but my interest in overlanding using my own vehicle was really sparked by joining my brother for the last leg of his road-trip from Wales to Kyrgyzstan back in summer 2017. Granted I only joined for 2 weeks, I have never felt so free as we...
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  30. The quest for a 105

    The quest for a 105

  31. The quest for a 105

    The quest for a 105

  32. Mr_Red

    Wanted: Overlanding equipment & misc bits

    Sounds very tempting. I'll send you a PM
  33. Mr_Red

    Wanted: Overlanding equipment & misc bits

    I'm looking for something around 50-60 litres and fridge only. Pretty flexible regarding make as I'd be interested in hearing about any second hand ones that are available.
  34. Mr_Red

    Wanted: Overlanding equipment & misc bits

    I have the increasingly hard to find HZJ105L (hang on for the forum thread for the full story)
  35. Bottle_jack


  36. Mr_Red

    Wanted: Overlanding equipment & misc bits

    Dang! I'll update my post, thanks for the tip
  37. Mr_Red

    Wanted: Overlanding equipment & misc bits

    Happy birthday Steve! Thanks for the tips. Is overlanding exchange a facebook group or website?
  38. Mr_Red

    Wanted: Overlanding equipment & misc bits

    Hi folks, I'm preparing my Landcruiser 105 series for a long term overlanding expedition (thread to follow on this a bit later) and am currently decking out the interior. If anyone can help me source the following preferably second-hand equipment, please let me know. Overlanding equipment...
  39. Mr_Red

    SOLD: 80 Series window rubbers / runners

    Hi Andy, Someone else jumped in about 5 minutes after I put these guys up, sorry!
  40. Window_runner


  41. Mr_Red

    SOLD: 80 Series window rubbers / runners

    I am selling 4x brand new and unopened genuine Toyota window rubbers suitable for an 80 Series Landcruiser. Contents: 2x Front door window runners. Part no: 68141-60010 2x Rear door window runners. Part no: 68142-60011 Price: £110 including domestic postage within the UK Cheers...
  42. Mr_Red

    EFS Suspension

    Hey Andy, I'm looking to replace the shocks and springs on my 105 series as the current set is absolutely knackered. How are you finding the EFS suspension you ordered from Do they do shocks as well or just springs?
  43. Mr_Red

    MT35 Fridge / Freezer

    PM sent
  44. Mr_Red

    105 land cruiser - Project

    Nice truck! I would have snapped it up in an instant if it was LHD. How much did it go for?
  45. Mr_Red

    For sale: 80 Series

    Price dropped to £5300
  46. Chrome_handle


  47. Mr_Red

    Offroad parking in Ipswich needed

    Hi @Crispin please could you delete this thread?
  48. Mr_Red

    For sale: 80 Series

    Hi folks, I am selling my RHD 80 series Landcruiser for £5300 for the rather embarrassing reason that I am planning to overland across the Americas (thread to follow at some point) and RHDs are banned in some of the countries I want to drive through. Unfortunately I didn't stumble across this...
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  50. Cruiser-2


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