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  1. Mr_Red

    ABS light

    Hi folks, The ABS light on my 105 series has recently come on and will not switch off. Does anyone know if the 105 has a diagnostics port to help me investigate the issue? Cheers
  2. Mr_Red

    A deranged obsession

    I have always wanted to get out and see the world, but my interest in overlanding using my own vehicle was really sparked by joining my brother for the last leg of his road-trip from Wales to Kyrgyzstan back in summer 2017. Granted I only joined for 2 weeks, I have never felt so free as we...
  3. Mr_Red

    Wanted: Overlanding equipment & misc bits

    Hi folks, I'm preparing my Landcruiser 105 series for a long term overlanding expedition (thread to follow on this a bit later) and am currently decking out the interior. If anyone can help me source the following preferably second-hand equipment, please let me know. Overlanding equipment...
  4. Mr_Red

    SOLD: 80 Series window rubbers / runners

    I am selling 4x brand new and unopened genuine Toyota window rubbers suitable for an 80 Series Landcruiser. Contents: 2x Front door window runners. Part no: 68141-60010 2x Rear door window runners. Part no: 68142-60011 Price: £110 including domestic postage within the UK Cheers...
  5. Mr_Red

    For sale: 80 Series

    Hi folks, I am selling my RHD 80 series Landcruiser for £5300 for the rather embarrassing reason that I am planning to overland across the Americas (thread to follow at some point) and RHDs are banned in some of the countries I want to drive through. Unfortunately I didn't stumble across this...
  6. Mr_Red

    Offroad parking in Ipswich needed

    Hi folks, I am in the process of registering an imported HZJ105 (forum post to follow soon), which will take about 2 months. The car is currently in a warehouse close to Ipswich but it can only stay there until Tuesday next week. I would like to find some off road parking for the car in Ipswich...
  7. Mr_Red

    Anyone available to help in London?

    Hi folks, I am the proud owner of a HDJ80, which is in need of a cam cover gasket change. Unfortunately, I have the mechanical knowledge of a woodlouse and so would be very grateful if there is anyone in the London area who could lend a hand. I am free on Sunday 5th if anyone is around? Cheers
  8. Mr_Red

    Episode 1 of 'What's wrong with my LandCruiser?'

    For the past 6 months I have been the proud owner of a 1995 HDJ80 and this is the first car I have ever actually owned (not counting driving mum's Nissan Micra to work about 8 years back). Having spent 11 years on a farm, it has certainly seen it's share of hard work. Long story short, this...
  9. Mr_Red

    Immobilisers for 80 series

    Hi folks, I am recently the proud owner of an 80 series, but unfortunately I live in central London. I'm going to try and get it out of the city and store it at my folks house up North as soon as I can, but at the moment I want to try my best to keep it safe in the city. This is partly inspired...
  10. Mr_Red

    Recommended mechanics and transmission specialist in London?

    Hi folks, I am by no means an experienced mechanic and I recently bought a fairly low mileage HDJ80. I would like to find a good mechanic, who is experienced with these sorts of vehicles. I need them to be able to do a thorough inspection of the vehicle and tell me what alterations, or repairs...
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