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    Injector Pump???

    Hi everyone, my first post here. I'm in need of some advice. We've owned our 92 GXL Turbo Diesel for 20yrs and we love it to bits. It lives in a small town, so has low kms, 250,000 and a few things have begun to wear out. It has an injector pump leak that is minor, but the mechanic is telling...
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    Benno from Broome, need some advice.

    Thanks for accepting me. We have an 92 GXL Turbo Diesel 80s. Have owned it for 20yrs and has been by far "The Best" vehicle we've ever owned. We put all the fruit on it and bought all the recovery equipment we could at the time. I can post pics of all the recovery equipment still in their...
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    My Land Cruisers

    Various pictures my toys
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    My Trips

    My offroad trips
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    My Build Thread

    My build thread
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