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  1. BonZa

    vdj79 rear axle

    according to the Haines manual you only put the diff lock on if you remove the entire axle assembly. if removing the axle shafts only in order to service the wheel bearings then the diff locks do not need to be engaged. However I watched a you tube clip that said to remove the short shaft the...
  2. BonZa

    Wanted 79 series Workshop/REPAIR MANUAL

    you can get them from Haynes as I have one and it's pretty good. 2007 thru 2016 petrol and diesel 76,78,79 and 200 Series. 92753
  3. BonZa

    Catch Can

    I too installed a provent catch can for my 4.5 after 10,000 kilometers it has caught some oil, but not a huge amount. about three desert spoons full
  4. BonZa

    7 Things We Love But Still 1 We Hate.

    well last October I just paid short of $75,000 AUD for the GXL twin cab with a steel tray, including a few accessories love the V8 4.5 diesel as it purrs along the highway and dirt roads, plus it would yank a bulldozer in a tug of war great vehicle for towing and carting stuff and I like the...
  5. BonZa

    HDJ79 Transfer Case Oil

    usually if the bearings or something are shot you will see a swirl of fine metal particles in the oil as well as a rumble noise what was the gearbox oil like?
  6. BonZa

    hello fro Australia

    I went for the Maroon colour, not that I was fussed, any colour would have been ok as far as I was concerned. it just so happen that it was what the dealer had and was close to the last stock available prior to the upgraded model with Euro 5 emissions and it has the heavy duty steel tray with...
  7. BonZa

    hello fro Australia

    Your name: Stephen Your Cruiser: brand new current model 70 series twin cab GXL, Mods on your Cruiser: none yet Plans for your Cruiser: outback touring and going prospecting And what mods do you plan to make to it? first things will be a bull bar and winch 4x4 Experience: heaps, owned a HJ60...
  8. My Land Cruisers

    My Land Cruisers

    Various pictures my toys
  9. My Trips

    My Trips

    My offroad trips
  10. My Build Thread

    My Build Thread

    My build thread
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