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  1. tonytoyota

    90 series auto box

    Hi can sum one help me is a auto box in a surf. Hilux the same as the one in a 3.L 90 Colarado thanks a lot Tony.
  2. tonytoyota

    J7 front chrome bumper 1999.

    No eBay item number 352724142659 hope it helps one of you .
  3. tonytoyota

    Iwan fj45 Build

    Hi can not get Iwan's fj45 build up its gone missing y is that .
  4. tonytoyota

    Wings for fj40

    Hi all 40s owners will 2 fj40 wings on eBay be a help one of you have a look at item number 274176588426 he has got a lot of 40s bits hope it help one of you :thumbup:.
  5. tonytoyota

    Was that you on the 483

    Hi Iwan was it you on the 483 today in the 80 hope you r well from Tony.
  6. tonytoyota

    Help with pick up

    Hi can one of you help me with pickup of a wheel in Aylesbury thanks a ĺot Tony
  7. tonytoyota

    Box to big

    Hi all is this. Box to big :laughing-rolling::text-goodpost:
  8. tonytoyota

    Lj70 lj71 parts

    Hi will this be helpful to one of you 70 boy's item number 323848317113 and 323247982800 hope it is a help .
  9. tonytoyota

    Oulton park

    Hi all was at oulton park today for me birthday and I saw a big landcruiser it had a big trial axle trailer. Is it one of us it was with a lot of Drift cars had a grand day.:thumbup::auto-layrubber:
  10. tonytoyota

    Hi can sum one help me for beer r

    Hi all I have win a gas cylinder on eBay but it is in bridgend can sum one help my with pick up and getting it up to my in Oswestry or to Lincomb thanks a lot Tony
  11. tonytoyota

    Husqvarna ride on mower

    Hi I have a Husqvarna Rider 16 ride on mower for sale looking for £800 for it .
  12. tonytoyota


  13. tonytoyota

    Fj40 Radiator

    Hi I have 2 Radiator for fj40's £50 each let me now .
  14. tonytoyota

    Fj40 Radiator

    Hi I have 2 Radiator for fj40's £50 each let me now .
  15. tonytoyota

    HJ60 parts

    HJ60 cent Dr console arm rest. £45
  16. tonytoyota

    HJ60 parts

    Hi I have 2 pairs of hj60 mirrors at £45 a pair and 3 or 4 pairs of free wheel hubs at £30 a pair.
  17. tonytoyota

    Hi I have fj40 brakes bits

    Hi will these help sum one I am looking for £ 50 for them
  18. tonytoyota

    HJ60 parts

    HJ60 fuel flap £15 glove box £25 Speedo and gauges £75
  19. tonytoyota

    Fj40 for sale

    Fj40 for sale with hj60 running gear in it its time for it to have a new home looking for round £8,000 .
  20. tonytoyota

    HJ60 txt glow plugs

    Hi hj60 6x glow plug cheep item number 232674366011 hope it helps sum one .
  21. tonytoyota

    Fj40 spare tire mount.

    Hi Rodger and all is item number 183524148481 it's a spare wheel mount a help to sum one or make one like it just a thought hope it helps .
  22. tonytoyota

    Hj80 engine front mounts

    Hi has some one got a set of engine mount for 1hdfte for a toyota land cruiser thanks a lot Tony.
  23. tonytoyota

    Cylinder Head

    Hi had a look at my old fj45 engine take the cylinder head off I have created in the cylinder head it's the 3 one with a created cylinder head
  24. tonytoyota

    90 Rear coil springs and shock absorber

    Hi can sum one help I am looking for rear shock and springs good one sum one has take of and put a lift on to go to a good home or chep thanks a lot Tony :violin:
  25. tonytoyota

    FJ45 Petrol clutch plate.

    Hi I am looking for a FJ45 PETROL CLUTCH PLATE CAN sum one help me ASAP to get a fj45 up and runing thanks a lot Tony.
  26. tonytoyota

    2.7 petrol engine

    Hi not a landcruiser but can sum one help me I am looking for a 2.7 petrol engine for a 1999 hiace van thanks a lot Tony:doh:.
  27. tonytoyota

    Bj40 turn signal flasher

    Hi can sum one tall me were the turn signal flasher unit is on a bj40 my one is not flashing thanks from Tony.:thumbup:
  28. tonytoyota

    Fj40 out the. Shipping container

    Have a look at the 40
  29. tonytoyota

    Hj60 Engine

    Hi I have a hj60 engine for sale I think it needs a head gasket £200 .
  30. tonytoyota

    Engine crane

    Hi I have a old but good hydraulic engine crane for sale it is £50 call me on 07917562242.
  31. tonytoyota

    Hi all was it it one of us on the A5

    Hi was it one of us on the A5 today in a 78 trooper just past Gobowen I was in the old Colorado. It was looking good.
  32. tonytoyota

    Hj60 Bonnet

    Hi I have a hj60 bonnet for sale £35 and wi ll see wot other bit I have for HJ60.
  33. tonytoyota

    Hi 90 with immobile problems .

    Hi all can sum one help my friend has a 90 SWB it has a problem with the immobile problem wen you lock it and wen you come back to it the battery is flat wot is the cause of it how can wee fix it thanks for all the help:thumbup::thumbup:
  34. tonytoyota

    Clutch changed in a 90

    Hi is it a big job changing a clutch in a D4D 90 how long will it takes thanks a lot Tony.
  35. tonytoyota

    V8 80 on the A5

    Hi big white 80 on the A5 today it was a v8 by Gobowen I was following it in me old green colorado and the police r following me is it one of the boys.
  36. tonytoyota

    Wheels and tyres shipping

    Hi can you help me I am looking for a good chep wheels and tyres shipping for RoChester to SY113PH THANKS for the help or can sum one pick up for me :thumbup:
  37. tonytoyota


    Hi I am looking for a bonnet protector for a Colorado chep thanks for the help from Tony.
  38. tonytoyota

    Hi can sum one help me

    Hi I am looking to bay sum bits of Ebay but they r in Chrstchurch Dorset and I can not get down to pick them up so can sum one pick up for me and post to me or take to Lincome it would be a big help thanks a lot Tony ps it's aluminium ladder rack and grab rails.
  39. tonytoyota

    Fj45 suspension kit with 2" to 3" lift .

    Hi can sum one help me I am looking for new 2" to 3" of lift in them is peddlers suspension as good as the old man emu and wot would be the cost is the sum one with peddlers on a fj45 or hj47 thanks a lot From Tony.:)
  40. tonytoyota

    Fj40 Radiator

    Hi I have a fj40 Radiator for sale £50 .
  41. tonytoyota

    Ride on Lawn Mower

    Hi not a cruiser but a Husqvarna 16 Ride on Lawn Mower with a New batter on it good to go or its going on ebay thanks a lot Tony.
  42. tonytoyota

    Hi good to see hj47

    Hi Chris it was good to.See you and I love that hj47 it looks so good you have one cool lookingcruiser thanks for comeing to see me love the 40s hope to see you seen from Tony.
  43. tonytoyota

    HJ60 on the 483 on Sunday

    Hi I saw a hj60 on the 483 on Sunday going to Chester is it one of us I was in my fJ45 going to Wrexham 6 p.m.
  44. tonytoyota

    Engine gasket set

    Hi all have a look at [email protected] good look with it from Tony.
  45. tonytoyota

    HJ60 engine gasket set

    Hi all can you help my get a hj60 engine gasket ket at a good cost thanks a lot from Tony:thumbup::eusa-naughty:
  46. tonytoyota

    Colorado bonnet protector.

    Hi. Does anyone have or know where I might obtain a bonnet protector for my 90 series Colorado ?
  47. tonytoyota

    Colorado bonnet protector.

    Hi. Does anyone have or know where I might obtain a bonnet protector for my 90 series Colorado ?
  48. tonytoyota

    Hi who was it in a hj60 on the a483

    Hi I was passed on the A483 on the way to a. Car show at 8.30 am and on the way home on the other side of the by-pas a 120 cruiser and a 80 at 5.00 pm who is it Iam tonytoyota in a fj45 pick up :thumbup:
  49. tonytoyota

    Rear shock absorber for a Colorado LWB

    Hi all I am looking for rear shock absorber for Colorado LWB can sum one help my thanks a lot Tony :wtf::eusa-naughty::thumbup:
  50. tonytoyota

    Hi is it a big job transfer box

    Hi is it a big job to do the transfer box on a 1999 colorado do you have to take the gear box out with it thanks for the help .from tonytoyota :doh:
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