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  1. Kellys Hero

    Central locking intermittent locking

    Hi Guys asking for a friend. Has a problem with his central locking intermittently locking and unlocking itself. New battery fitted to keys a few months ago and has been gradually getting worse. Checked for loose connections and poor earths. Model is the one with the higher specs auto box...
  2. Kellys Hero

    Rear chassis to body mounts

    Hi I've read various post about the bumping I hear when going over potholes is due to the mount becoming dislodged. Anyone had the same problem, if so where are the located? Ones above the axle are obvious as they are in full view.... Could it be a weak spring? Shocks have been replaced...
  3. Kellys Hero

    Inner sills wanted

    Just doing some work on my mates 100 prior to MOT needs inner sills both sides! Where do I buy them from please ?
  4. Kellys Hero

    Radio wanted for 1993 80 series

    Looking for a working CD, cassette and radio unit for our 1993 80 series. My CD and cassette are u/s and radio screen is pertly blacked out.
  5. Kellys Hero

    Wanted 100 series

    Hi looking
  6. Kellys Hero

    Wanted reversing lamp holder.

    Hi looking to replace a broken lamp holder for the drivers side revering light. Any suggestion as to who sells them or if anyone has one that I can purchase.? Dave
  7. Kellys Hero

    New to forum with question on 80 series

    Hi I am currently looking to purchase an 80 series land cruiser 4.2 diesel. the one i am looking at currently is a 1993, all looks okay but on starting the engine all the lights are on,, looks like a Christmas tree!!! I've been told by owner that he thinks its the alternator ! Is this a correct...
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