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  1. GeekOKent

    Decent Landcruiser spares guy

    @karl webster
  2. GeekOKent

    120 Invincible,what years and spec. ?

    So only the first invincible had the tune box ?
  3. GeekOKent

    120 Invincible,what years and spec. ?

    Yeah i don't think any of that is accurate. The wheel on back door+ under slung was an option till almost the end when the 3rd iteration of the invincible was launched. The first iteration of the invincible was positioned between the lc4 and lc5. The second one was a variation of the lc5, with...
  4. GeekOKent

    Heated Seats

    On my lc5 .. the back + seat heat up, driver and passenger side
  5. GeekOKent

    Slow forums

    @Chas no harm in trying out the website from your phone as a test. Try it with the WiFi and then with the 4g data. Might help isolate the problem of its the ISP or the antivirus perhaps.
  6. GeekOKent

    Hauling the Mail

    That looks great. I guess the one job where you need to sit on the wrong side of the car
  7. GeekOKent

    Appreciate your thoughts on a BJ43

    Oh man
  8. GeekOKent

    New member

    Welcome.... 120s are nice :)
  9. GeekOKent

    Upgrades to UK bought 200 series

    Maybe look at a new 150 ? May not be a V8 but on paper should handle your ask very well. I haven't ever dragged anything in Europe, but lots of people on here have and should be able to help. Toyota will put in the 13pin plug for you.. etc Only thing you might need are the extended wing...
  10. GeekOKent

    Summer Pub Cruiser Chillout 24 - 26 July

    I know exact what you mean, but with the system caving in - the bubble is just going insane. In 4 weeks time, I am not sure what if any isolation options will exist.
  11. GeekOKent

    Summer Pub Cruiser Chillout 24 - 26 July

    1) Trevor 2) nick 3) Andy and Maria 4) Chas 5) David 6) Jacob, Emma & Raf 7) Chris and who knows .... 8) Tony l... Toyota 9) Jon 10) Reinhard 11) Steve 12) Andy 13) JonFJ + Alfie 14) KB
  12. GeekOKent

    looking for a 100 series,what were the best years?

    Reading this thread... I think the general consensus seems to be to buy the newest you can, with the lowest milage you can find, in the best possible condition, with the best possible history, that drives like new.
  13. GeekOKent

    Upgrades to UK bought 200 series

    There is no new 200 series in the UK. Haven't been for nearly 5 years now. What exactly are you planning on towing ? And what sort of road conditions ?
  14. GeekOKent

    New v8 this weekend

    Well, weekends nearly over...
  15. GeekOKent

    MOT due next month

    Yes, walk. Although there is a longer answer, starting with 'it depends'.
  16. GeekOKent

    What budget laptop?

    Yes. To me anyway. I would get that x270 and expect a 4 to 5 year service cycle from it. You can still call Lenovo and get a 2 year extension on the warranty too. Most £500 mark commodity laptops you are going to get at Curry's are just lumps of plastic with the cheapest possible bits. See if...
  17. GeekOKent

    What budget laptop?

    Avoid the 3000 series CPUs from AMD. It's the 4000 series you want. I just wish they would get in with it and start bringing them in.
  18. GeekOKent

    What budget laptop?

    The x250 won't get the milage an x270 will... Apart from being older it's got a much fewer opportunities to upgrade down the road. Parts for the x270 are also much more readily available etc Buy a good baseline and then down the road, as needed, get 'upgrades' in. This will goto 32gb of ram, 2...
  19. GeekOKent

    What budget laptop?

    How about something like this Lenovo Thinkpad x270 i7 6th Gen 8GB RAM 128GB SSD Lenovo Warranty - WIN 10 | eBay - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]
  20. GeekOKent

    What budget laptop?

    The e6400's were quite a solid thing! The latitude 5480 and 5490 are direct descendant of the e6400 and seem to still have a similar keyboard. You should be able to get one of those, from Dell's own outlet store with an i5 CPU/16gb ram and a 255gb ssd for under £350. Personally, the only...
  21. GeekOKent

    What budget laptop?

    Chromebooks stop receiving updates a few years after they are released ( usually 3yrs) So be careful which one you get. It's going to brick itself much like a phone ( it won't... but with no updates and a locked firmware.... Would you really use it?) Lenovo ThinkPad's are good ; the T460p is a...
  22. GeekOKent

    download per month

    4TB is a lot - it translates into 23 days of 4k video nonstop .... Do you have (knowingly or otherwise) torrents running on your machine(s)
  23. GeekOKent

    My 80 Series so far

    I got my escape great kit from @Roy Duffy at 4x4obsession...
  24. GeekOKent

    Whats up with my battery?

    Nick, have you upgraded the stock alternator ? Or still running the 70A unit...
  25. GeekOKent

    In need of starter batteries for my 80

    Just OE from MrT can be well priced too.
  26. GeekOKent

    The corona virus thread

    The same people in 2020 are blaming 5G :)
  27. GeekOKent

    Crawl control on UK spec 200 series.

    Worth checking for sure, but I think the 4runner and fj had crawl control and a few other of these bits song with kdss before the 200 and 150 did
  28. GeekOKent

    Slow forums

    Are you logged in
  29. GeekOKent

    Slow forums

    Humm Tried a few options here, seems ok.
  30. GeekOKent

    Crawl control on UK spec 200 series.

    The 2015+ registered 200's have crawl control (in addition to the terrain management, which most 2013+ ones have). My understanding is that trucks made Nov 2014+ have it. So there maybe some pre 2015's around too, but check.
  31. GeekOKent

    105 Series steel wheels

    I have a full set of OE 16 pcd5x150 OE steel for 105... In case what @Chris is working does not happen, let me know.
  32. GeekOKent

    Nice Roofbars for the 100series

    The official Toyota ones are not bad. Rated to 150kg per bar, but not exactly sleek. They fit into the existing mount points and feel well integrated
  33. GeekOKent

    Crude oil price a barrel .

    It's starting... Brewery gives away surplus beer amid lockdown - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club] Time to sort out access to your septic tank @jibberjabber
  34. GeekOKent

    Cruisers in the Movies

    I spotted a couple of 80s in simply call Saul, the Netflix show. Last few episodes of the current season (5 ... ) in the part where they are visiting the cartel in Mexico
  35. GeekOKent

    Maxparts Ukraine

    Not a lot of people on here from those parts, I don't think you are going to get much feedback. Shame really - there are a lot of land cruisers out there , and patrols and ...the niva!
  36. GeekOKent

    The corona virus thread

    Interesting news out of New Zealand today... Can they keep up the 'no new infection' for 14 days? Sealed borders, test everything in bound... And start testing again in 14 days only for people with the right symptoms... They may not need a vaccine or a cure. Let's assume they get there. How...
  37. GeekOKent

    Lincomb - May 15 - 17 2020

    @Shayne that look good. And it's on Steam... Might try buying that later today
  38. GeekOKent

    Lincomb - May 15 - 17 2020

    What do you say guys, turn this into a virtual meeting ?
  39. GeekOKent

    The people have spoken

    Ha ha. Given the state of UK governance, I think this is a fairy tale.
  40. GeekOKent

    UK death rates.

    Yes, but most people die due to underlaying health issue that get aggravated due to the virus, right?
  41. GeekOKent

    UK death rates.

    Yeah, everyone is trying to massage the numbers. But I don't believe the numbers are inflated at all, on the other hand the numbers in the UK address being hugely downplayed. The govt has no idea what they are doing.... luck and coincidence is going to get us out of this.
  42. GeekOKent

    Crude oil price a barrel .

    News this morning saying that the next industry to run into this storage and usage problem : minions of barrels of beer going stale..... Which is a true tragedy. Since I just gave up beer for the foreseeable future :((
  43. GeekOKent

    UK death rates.

    When we say lots of people are surviving, it looks like in some areas that lots is about 3% of people over the age of 65, who get put on a ventilator..... (Again, this is stat from a report, so we need to make up our own mind if we agree or not ).
  44. GeekOKent

    UK death rates.

    It does look like different places are trying different things. Also in navy cases you treat the symptoms as well as the virus. Sort of like the malaria medication - not everyone is using it, those that area using in different doses.
  45. GeekOKent

    Crude oil price a barrel .

    It's not going to go very low, I don't think. Even if the storage pressure lasts ( it may not... ) The profit for the movers part is driven by who's got how much storage and where. The zero prices are being driven by some of the large middlemen forcing the smaller vendors who are storing in...
  46. GeekOKent

    The corona virus thread

    Need a face shield there Gary, let me know... We have been printing them at home on the 3d printer since late March. We adopted the local GPs and a couple care homes and a food shelter nearby and have been keeping them stocked up. At a point now where the places are finally getting some...
  47. GeekOKent

    UK death rates.

    Numbers are hard to track, I guess find a source you feel you can trust and stick with that for some level.of consistency. The JHU ones are what I look at. The other thing is that the death rate seems high in the UK, because we are largely only testing people who are already in a bad enough...
  48. GeekOKent

    Crude oil price a barrel .

    What's a good home diesel storage strategy :) But I don't think we will see much of a price drop right away. It so take offices to stay low for a sustained period for the pump to start diving
  49. GeekOKent

    Welcome to our world Mr Branson

    That is incorrect 49% of Virgin Atlantic is owned by Delta airlines. The rest, 51% is held by Virgin group. In that Branson's own a non controlling part. I am sure the details are listed somewhere online. The wealthy need to step up, and the need to help across the board but atleast their own...
  50. GeekOKent

    Maybe a question that can not be answered

    Till there is a way out - vaccine and cure - all the efforts at the moment are focused on keeping the death rate at a manageable level. We also have, just going by the numbers at the moment, one of the worst death rates per capita on the world. The isolation period will not go away in a hurry...
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