100 suspension

  1. Folurteener54

    NM Newbie

    Name: Mark Vollinger Model 100, 2003, current mileage 130K Mods by previous owner, 20" very shiny wheels! Plans for your Cruiser: Moving to desert in CA, so warm weather mods where needed. I use it for hunting quail and exploring mountains. 4x4 Experience: This is my 3rd Landcruiser and I simply...
  2. N

    Active Suspension - Rear Shocks Replacement - Bleeding System (literally!!!!!!)

    Any help with this appreciated. I understand when you replace the rear shocks the active system needs to be bleeded, which involves using the active height switch by the drivers left leg next to the heated seats switch. I can't find any info on the active suspension height system, not even in...
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