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  1. alexbnk

    HOT/COLD Climate head gasket, truth or myth

    I have towed 1.5 tons for 150KM in 30C and the engine overheated occasionally. Due to a balancer shaft bearing failure that cause zero oil pressure i had to take it apart in order to replace the bearings and one shaft. After removing the head i was amazed to see that most of the water passages...
  2. laszlo szucs

    calipers needs change or rebuild still not sure what should i do

    looking calipers topics in here still not sure what should i do. a./ what kind calipers do i have? worth of rebuild? (see attached pictures of my calipers) (see big red quotation) b./ Rough Trax calipers are very expensive. worth it? Advics Front Brake Caliper R/H - [Leaving Land Cruiser...
  3. abh

    1kzte : how to remove injection pump

    Hi all, i have a land cruiser prado kzj95 and i want to remove the injection pump. i had a look on thee reparation manual page 315. it lists all of the steps to do so. my mecano made them one by one except for the last step because he doesn't have the...