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  1. GrahamR

    Brake booster motor gasket

    Hi guys, Does anyone know of a suitable replacement for the gasket that goes between the brake booster motor and the pump itself? It's not a separate part on the booster motor diagrams. Curious what others have done when having their motors rebuilt? Cheers, Graham
  2. BigV

    AHC can of worms have attacked my LX. Seeking advice :)

    (may not be related to the AHC issue but I am also getting an ABS, VSC off and check engine light going off constantly even though the car runs fine) Alright gents im having an issue with the AHC system of my LX470. Car goes down in to low mode and comes back to neutral position no problems but...
  3. Simon5030

    ABS Issue

    So i have just replaced a bearing NSF and made the childish mistake of forgetting to put the seal on the back before pushing the bearing back on the shaft!!! yes i did kick myself! So i kindly sent my friend off to Milner to get me another bearing while i cried quietly destroying the bearing...