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  1. Jureb

    Which ATF do you use?

    I've got to change my ATF for the first time in my 95 prado. I'm only doing the regular change and not flushing or changing the filter. I don't know which ATF the previous owner used and I'm wondering which ATF is recommended. It came to my mind that maybe it's not the best to mix different...
  2. Z

    KZJ78 Landcruiser ATF check

    Hi all, We have a KZJ78 Landcruiser which we love but we are worried that there might be an ATF leak. We have been advised to check the correct level first but we understand that each model has its own specific method of checking. Could anyone help? Thank you :)
  3. S

    Unknown Contaminant in Radiator

    Hi Everyone, I've got another bit of a puzzle with my Land Cruiser that I'm hoping someone here can help me reason out. A few days ago, I went out to my truck after having a short (15 mile) drive home from work to find a mysterious collection of puddles beneath it. The fluid didn't look like...