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automatic transmission

  1. A

    I need help with a a440f transmission asap!!

    Hi everyone, i'm new this comunity and i joined because i have an fj62 auto and i am in the proccess of rebuild the a440f transmission. What happened is that one of the rear clutch assembly tabs that separate the small springs is broken, i'll leave a picture. My question is, can i keep...
  2. Jureb

    Which ATF do you use?

    I've got to change my ATF for the first time in my 95 prado. I'm only doing the regular change and not flushing or changing the filter. I don't know which ATF the previous owner used and I'm wondering which ATF is recommended. It came to my mind that maybe it's not the best to mix different...
  3. A

    Lc100 transfer case faulty after automatic transmission repairs

    I have an lc100 model with inline 6 petrol engine.I have just changed my automatic transmission but now my 4wd is not working. Is there a possibility that during the repair of my automatic transmission my mechanic screwed up. Now he is saying that 4wd motor is complaint. Can anyone please help...
  4. S

    New Prado 90 series owner. Ignition issues.

    Hi All. New here and new owner of a 90 series LWB 3.4L Prado. 314 000 km, no mods. I'm not very mechanically inclined, but still keen to learn to maintain smaller issues or at least diagnose them. Have some sand and rocky terrain experience. As with anything ageing, issues start cropping up...
  5. O

    Auto transmission oil change. High mileage. Never changed before

    So I have my 2003 d4d lc120. 160k on clock. I'm not sure if the transmission oil has ever been changed. Is it still a good idea to change it. As many places say it's not good and some people say it's still worth changing.
  6. antbainerz

    Automatic gearbox issues

    I am currently having a few issues with my Automatic gearbox in my 1998 VX3.4lwb. when setting off, pulls hard in first gear then you have to let off the accelerator for it to change up to the next gear. when it shifts up the gearbox feels like it shifts up 2 gears so the revs are around 1k...
  7. Crispin

    F-Engine repair manual 2016-05-12

    F-Engine repair manual Total Pages 188 Preview Page: 1 Preview Page: 2 Preview Page: 3 Preview Page: 4 Preview Page: 5 Preview Page: 6 Preview Page: 7 Preview Page: 8