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bouncy ride

  1. Brecht

    Stiff ride ?

    Just done a roadbook in belgium yesterday, I really felt how stiff it was with every little pothole in the dirtroads, is this normal? My friend in his patrol y61 drove over the dirtroads over 50kmh, and I was driver as slow in seconds around 20 25kmh and still it was such a harsh ride.... Is...
  2. Waqas Aziz Qureshi

    Jumpy 200

    Hello everyone. I have a JDM 2008 land cruiser 200 series (AXG) with the 4.7L 2UZ engine. It’s done about a 100k miles and generally in very good condition. Although the roads in Pakistan are a bit bumpy to begin with but I’ve noticed that recently the car has become a bit jumpy/bouncy, it’s not...