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  1. Brecht

    Scotland Rally 2024 (Roadtrip) and some camping afterwards!

    My girlfriend and I are planning to participate in the Scotland Rally 2024 with my landcruiser 90 SWB. A fun trip driving 1800km within 6 days Day 1: Calais- Stonehenge Day 2: Stonehenge- Snowdonia Day 3: Snowdonia - Lake District Day 4: Lake District - Edinburgh Day 5: Edinburgh - Isle of...
  2. O

    Summer 2023 - exploring Spain

    Have just booked ferry for Spanish trip this summer. Last year we found the daily grind of doing a 2 week guided tour too much strain on family relations (albeit with an Oztent setup), so we've opted for a gentler approach: stay in a few campsites over two weeks, and explore the area as much as...
  3. Kimbo

    HZJ 78 setup

    Hello everybody. I noticed there's not so many new threads in this particular forum, so with a bit of extra time on my hands I thought I'd share some pictures of what we've got going on with our troopy. Firstly some background; I use this vehicle periodically for work also, hauling various...