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diesel injector

  1. Brecht

    90 series D4D injectors

    Hello, Been looking at a lot of video's from fourby4diesel on youtube about the D4D's in prado's and I was wondering did some of you change the injectors and/or the injector seats and at what point? Tried to look up through the oil plug on the sump, to see in what kind of state my oil pickup...
  2. T

    Diesel injector pressures on 2001 Amazon Landcruiser

    Hi, I have a 2001 Toyota Landcruiser, 1HD-FTE engine, and I think that one of the injectors is faulty. I have checked the book and contacted by Loc al Toyota dealer and the give me different pressures. Can anyone drop me a line please with what they should be?
  3. MZ_prado

    KDJ120R-GKPEYW -> what's the KW / HP?

    Hi. I've a KDJ120R (3.0 D4D; UK model) from 2003. More specifically: Frame number: JTEBZ29J800030414 Trim code: 1D4 Manufacture date: 2003.10 KDJ120R-GKPEYW Production period: 09.2002 - 08.2004 I need to change my injectors. I know that the toyota part-number is 23670-39025. When I search...
  4. O

    Injector cleaners

    Hello LC owners. Been a while since I've posted anything. As we know we are in a tough time with this pandemic and I pray we all come out of it quickly and safely. My mechanic died of covid a few weeks ago. As much as he was a mate. He was my go to guy with regards to any car issue. Tough...