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  1. mwhtc

    Adventures in EGR removal and fuel trimming

    I am not one who makes life easy for themselves, and often if I'm doing one job on a car I'll see if there is anything else that could be done while I'm at it. That works out for me sometimes (like it has with this thread), or it bites me on the arse (like when I went to repair the subframe of...
  2. J

    Fuel Consumption

    I knew the 200 series petrol V8 was thirsty, but 18.75 ltrs/100kms? I'm not even hammering it. I love it, but it's keeping me broke. Is there any mods I can do to improve the economy? It has 148,000 kms on it and is due for a timing chain according to the book.:puke-front: