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  1. Jethro

    HJ60 gearbox needed

    I'm looking for a replacement gearbox for my G reg, HJ 60 manual truck. Anyone know of one or know of any other trucks that would have a compatible one? Many thanks
  2. Aimass

    HJ60 Front Disks from Toyota missing 2 small holes?

    Hi there! I bought the two original front discs from Toyota Canada (which actually come from California) and when I took it to the mechanic, they noticed that the new discs were missing 2 small holes where 2 small screws seem to hold the hub and the disk together from the back. The mechanic...
  3. Tom Miller

    HJ60 Oil eating and leaking..

    Hi everyone, I have run a search on the threads but didn't come up with anything so apologies if this question has been answered. I have an HJ60 (1982) that was originally an AUS truck but now lives in the UK. I bought it from North Scotland with a recent re-spray and a dipped sub frame and...
  4. A

    60 Series Idling

    Hi just wondering what other peoples HJ60 2H motors Idle at, i think ( I accidently broke my tachometer :( ) mine idles at around 700-800rpm.