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  1. R

    Hj60 1984 original h2 engine and lots of body rust and surface rust on chassis but very exited to begin the project.

    just dived into this hj60 project after years of searching for on in the uk, I need new bumpers - does anyone have any for sale if so please drop me a message. Also shall I get it repainted or bubble wrap.
  2. Jethro

    HJ60 gearbox needed

    I'm looking for a replacement gearbox for my G reg, HJ 60 manual truck. Anyone know of one or know of any other trucks that would have a compatible one? Many thanks
  3. Aimass

    HJ60 Front Disks from Toyota missing 2 small holes?

    Hi there! I bought the two original front discs from Toyota Canada (which actually come from California) and when I took it to the mechanic, they noticed that the new discs were missing 2 small holes where 2 small screws seem to hold the hub and the disk together from the back. The mechanic...
  4. Tom Miller

    HJ60 Oil eating and leaking..

    Hi everyone, I have run a search on the threads but didn't come up with anything so apologies if this question has been answered. I have an HJ60 (1982) that was originally an AUS truck but now lives in the UK. I bought it from North Scotland with a recent re-spray and a dipped sub frame and...
  5. A

    60 Series Idling

    Hi just wondering what other peoples HJ60 2H motors Idle at, i think ( I accidently broke my tachometer :( ) mine idles at around 700-800rpm.