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  1. Peewee

    Is there a horn relay?

    HZJ79R Horn isn't working Manual shows a relay..... There is 12v at the horns and they work when I bypass the return Hazard lights work as I believe the hazard lights and horn share a fuse Cleaned under the steering wheel Where is the relay? Is there a relay? any suggestions where the fault...
  2. Ben Freeman

    Horn [this isn't another horn pin post]

    So I'm brand new to Cruisers - just got my first ['88 FJ62] last week. The horn isn't working and I'm at a dead end as far as knowing what to do next. Here's what I've done so far: • Haz/Horn fuse is good. Hazards are working fine, fuse isn't blown. • I removed the steering wheel cover [see...
  3. G

    horn stopped working, girlfriend uses air horn..need help please

    hello and thank you all, we have a 1989 land cruiser, the horn stopped working about a month ago and i would love to fix it for my honey. horns work when direct feed power to them, door locks stopped working about the same time and a new switch didn't fix the problem. is this a relay problem...